First Post: My Vomiting Puke Journal


My name is Jessica Pugh and I would like to share with you my vomiting goings-on.

photos of girls vomiting

Basically, I am 24, and since I was 18, I have been vomiting everyday.  I know there are a few people who enjoy other people’s vomit, so I thought I would share my experiences with the world.

I am hoping to release perhaps two or three paid for vomiting videos a week.  I would like to add here that all my videos are of me and only me vomiting.  I still live with my parents so this part of my life is completely secret; I do not share this part of my life with anyone else in the “real world”.


I would really appreciate feed back from people, including people’s preferences on camera positioning whilst I’m vomiting, and what food people like to see being puked up etc.

Here is my first video up for sale. To rent the video and have access to it for 30 days, the price is $15. To buy and own it, the price is $50.

Have a great day!

Jessica x

3 thoughts on “First Post: My Vomiting Puke Journal

  1. fantastic website and really strong vomits, i’m French lesbian girl and i hope still a lot of movies of you vomit all you’r beautifull stomach. The must wil be to see you vomit with the camera fimed your stomach contractions and vomit naturally with big burps and without toothbrush and fingers, only naturally. Kiss to you babe!


    1. Hi
      Thank you so much for your kind comments about my website. Next time I’ll see if I can film my stomach moving – it does more quite a lot when I’m vomiting!
      I’m so sorry but I don’t like and can’t vomit naturally 😦 Unfortunately I have to use my toothbrush 😦
      I’m so pleased you’re liking the website. In my next post, I must include more of my stomach 🙂
      Take care
      And kiss to you too!
      Love Jessica x


      1. Hi Jessica, thanks for nyou’r answer. Don’t worry for you toothbrush, if you cannot vomit without her no problem, take hit. You’r idea to include more of you’r stomach is very exiting. You’r vomits are greats with longs burps before you’r projectiles vomit and i have idea if you can drink more with all your food, i’m like you and you’r projectiles vomits will be extremelly powerfull more than with only food. But you make like you want naturally, with drink the projectiles shoots perhaps out of the wc because hight pression. you’r really a very nice girl, continue i enjoy when i see you”r films!

        Take car
        And kiss to you!
        Love Mélanie


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