My Puking Journal: Day number 2

Hello everybody again

So I’m really enjoying my new venture, with sharing my puking experiences in blog format.

vomit pic 6

I have had a little bit of feedback off people – apparently my prices are too high! $15 for a video is too much!  That’s fine – I totally understand that, but where my first post achieved some sales, I feel it would be unfair to my customers to reduce the price of the first video I released.  This means that my first video must stay at the same price.

So for this second blog post, and indeed, second video, I have lowered my price for a 30 day rental to £5.99 (prices in GBP!)  However, the price to purchase the video is still quite high – i’m keeping it at £40.

Anyway, in this video, I have incorporated a small amount of slow motion. Please let me know what you think – if you like this or not, because of course, it does slow down my puking noises too.

Here is what I had for dinner:-

duck a lorange

FYI that was duck a l’orange with sautéed potatoes.

And here are some snacks I had:-

matchmakes m n ms

Obviously these are what the darker coloured puke is composed of in the video.

Here are some sneak previews of the activity in the video:-

puke pic

Do you see that massive chunk of food on the side of the toilet?!

Here’s a close-up:

closeup of vomit puke

So here is my video available for sale and rental:

Enjoy today.

Love always

Jessica x

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