My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 4


I’m really excited to share with you guys day 4 of my puking journal.

close up 4

But firstly, just to say thank you so much to everyone for your feedback.  Some people aren’t too keen on slow motion in my videos, so I’m going to reduce how much slow motion is in them.  If you do enjoy slow motion, please speak up now.

Also people seem to prefer natural vomiting over self-induced vomiting.  I totally understand this, so I’m going to try and cut out the shots of my toothbrush stuck down my throat.  However, in today’s video, I haven’t managed to cut it out especially well 😦

A snippet of the action:-

side of loo 4

Speaking of nautral vomiting, I wanted to share with you one time I did puke naturally.  When I was 16, I was travelling on a catamaran with my mum and dad, from Portsmouth to Cherbourg.  Unfortunately the wind kicked up something crazy, and the sea became very rough on route.  The catamaran was rocking about like mad.  There were a lot of people suffering from sea sickness including my mum.  So she was in the toilet, and I was sitting in our allocated seating with my dad.  We were talking because we were trying to distract each other from puking – we were just talking about random things.  Then suddenly, almost without warning, I projectile vomited all over my dad’s lap!  It was terrible and I was very apologetic and embarrassed.  I had eaten chicken and chips that day, and there was large chunks of half digested food running down his trousers!  Whoops!  He has never let me live that one down, even to this day.

So, anyway, onto business…

Here is what I had for dinner last night:-

cod n chips n beans puke

This is two cod steaks in breadcrumbs, with lots of baked beans and homemade chips.

Baked beans are great to puke, and in today’s video, at the end, there is a half digested puked up bean on the floor of my bathroom, and I zoom in on it.

bean on floor

And here are some sneaky snacks I had after dinner:-

drifter snacks

As you can see, plenty of chocolate there, giving my puke a dark brown colour at the end. It comes out at the end of my vomming session because the chocolate sinks down to the botttom of my stomach and is harder to get out.  But I nearly always suceed in getting it out ;-D

puke 4

Please find here my delicious puke video: Day 4. Price for rental is the same – £5.99 for a 30 day rental, and £40 to buy.  This video contains more close-ups of the vomit.  Do people like this, or does it disrupt the flow of the action for people?

Enjoy your day.

Love Jessica x

5 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 4

  1. Please do not Cut out any Induced vomiting. That’s your style of puking, and when you puke naturally or learn how to puke naturally then record it. However personally I hate to see any deep throat action with a tool or your fingers cut out because someone wants to “pretend” you are doing it naturally.


  2. Hi, Jessica

    I was just wondering how you feel about being sick naturally. Do you enjoy it, or do you like to be in control of what’s happening? I find it much hotter, knowing that a woman is taking pleasure in her sickness. Either way, if the time comes when Nature takes charge, I hope that you can document it for us. Thanks for the seasick story.

    I once read a novel about some intrigue going on at a company in LA. A sexy young executive woman was deeply involved in the mess and the stress was taking a toll on her. The most memorable sequence came at the end of a work day;

    As Frank approached the parking lot, he was surprised to see Jessica, leaning against one of the small trees that lined the property, vomiting onto the grass, beneath it. He thought of approaching, but, with what had gone on, decided to respect her privacy.

    WUSS! What’s bankruptcy and prison, stacked against the chance of comforting a lady in distress?


    1. Hello! How are you?
      Well, to be honest, I think I’m a bit of a control freak, and I like to be in control of my vom outpouring. I personally don’t enjoy vomiting naturally, which is why I don’t/can’t do it, unless it is unplanned. I released another natural puking story in my latest blog post – Day 8. It’s a short one, but I hope you enjoy it.
      I really loved your reaction to your story about Frank and Jessica. What a wuss must Frank be?! Ridiculous!
      Well take care
      Love Jessica x


      1. I can understand that. As a kid, I was very prone to motion sickness If I were forced into an hour long car ride, there was no doubt about what was going to happen. I hated nausea, but was so sexually gratified by the idea of vomiting, I was always glad that I’d done it, afterward. I enjoyed fantasizing about girls whom I found attractive going through the same experience. Moreover, no matter how sick I felt, I always kept an eye out for the treat of seeing a girl or woman being sick beside the road and was frequently gratified. It was more common then.

        Books like the one that I quoted last time were my first clue that vomit was a sexual “thing” for people other than myself. I thought it was a kick that the girl in the story had your name. And no, I’m not called “Frank”! The plot would have thickened, if I’d been he.

        I wrote my first piece of emeto-erotic fiction in college, about a bombshell named Jennifer, who tended our small, on campus art gallery. She was an icy, Charlize Theron type, very aloof, who took her responsibilities very seriously. This was all to the good, because some fine pieces went through that place. One afternoon, I got to thinking of how she would react to the unforeseen need to “abandon her post.” How long could she stave off the inevitable? How strong was her dedication? Why could she suddenly not keep herself from thinking of Jackson Pollock? I should have saved that piece! 😀

        Congrats on your emetophilic date! ‘Best of luck with that. ‘Been there, ‘done that, got the tee shirt, the commemorative mug and…..the memories. Ah, the memories….. 🙂


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