My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 5

Hello everyone

And welcome to another episode of my vomiting puke journal! Today, I have BIG NEWS!  For this blog post only, I have reduced the rental price of my video, from £5.99 to £4.99!  Also I have lowered the purchase price from £40 to £30, so don’t forget to grab yourself a bargain below =D

vomit puke 5 closeup

So last night was Friday night – a big night for me because I always have Chinese takeaway.  Last night I had my absolute favourite dish; duck pancakes with cucumbers and hoisin sauce:-

duck pancakes

Here was the message in my fortune cookie:

fortune cookie

It reads “Fortune knocks at least once on every man’s door.  Be sure to answer”.

The message is speaking to you!

So basically, as you can see, I ate duck and cucumber.  This is a great combination because the cucumber always sticks out a mile in my vom – it’s dark green colour is so obvious and it comes up in small chunks.  Speaking of ‘chunks’, you can see a massive chunk of duck that landed on the side of the toilet here:-

vomit puke 5 duck

I also splashed the wall:-

puke on my wall

So if you would like to get in on this action, please feel free to purchase or rent this video here:

I hope you enjoy the video, and don’t forget to give me any suggestions or  preferences.

Thank you.

Love you all

Jessica x


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