My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 6


vomit puke 6 closeup

So, on to Day 6.  I have had some requests from people to vary my food intake a little more, and give you perhaps different coloured vomit, instead of boring old beige.  Well, I had a think,  and as yesterday was a Saturday, and I decided to really spoil myself and get an Indian Takeaway.  I had prawn korma, saag paneer (cheese and spinach) and a bright Bombay aloo (mmmmmmm…)

indian takeaway

Then for afters, I thought, “what other orange food is there?”


Oh yesss!!  Youre in for a treat – orange vomit with tiny bits of green spinach floating around!

vomit puke 6 overview

And to give you an idea of how much I can eat, this is my stomach usually:-

small belly

And this is its appearance once it’s full:-

full belly emetophilia

I have also made another two changes to this video – I have new camera angles, so you can see more of my face, and there is more gagging and toothbrush action.

vomit puke 6

So, if you would like to watch me emptying my belly and spewing out, feel free to purchase my video.  People are still complaining about the price, but I’m afraid that for the time being, the price needs to stay the same, so rental is £5.99 and purchase is £40.


Take care and love always

Jessica x

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