My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 7


vom 7 cover

It’s me again and I’m back with avengeance!!  I have had two “days off” puking to give my body a rest and reset my gag reflex!  My gag reflex resetting itself means that when I restart provoking vomit, it comes out of me like a rather enthusiastic waterfall.  It spurts out with so much force because it sort of ‘wants’ to come up.  After all, my body has had two days holiday where it has actually been allowed to digest properly and keep all of the food I’ve fed it. This is an infrequent occurrence.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you another experience about when I vomited naturally:-

vomit puke 7 overview

In Cornwall in England, I stayed at a very famous hotel and restaurant.  The owner is a celebrity chef so the restaurant is renowned for its high quality food.  Of course, being by the sea, it is a seafood restaurant.  I had a lovely meal with my best friend, including we both had the shellfish soup for starters – at around about 8:30pm. We both went to bed as normal, but she got up at about midnight and spent rather a long time in the bathroom.  I was asleep, but then I awoke with a stomach ache at around 6:30am. I was just lying there, feeling sorry for myself, then, at about 7am I raced to the bathroom and with just one huge, almighty retch, everything came spewing out.  I felt very rough for the whole day, but better having gotten everything out.  I’ll never be going back there again!

So back to business, here is what I had for dinner last night:-


Yes, for those of my faithful followers out there, you will recognise this dish because I had it last week…duck a l’orange with sautéed potatoes.

And a snack for afters:-


Of course this wasn’t all I ate (obviously, if you see how much vomit came out of me).  I also ate white chocolate bars, aero milk chocolate bar, about 4 bowls of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes and lots more.  It’s called a binge 😉  And, yes, I am tiny.  I weigh 47kgs but still manage all this food.

So this is what I looked like after said binge:-

Yes, I look pregnant, but I can assure you I am not. It’s only a food baby in there 😉

vomit puke 7

The video again is slightly different – it focuses more on me trying to vomit, and me vomiting, rather than focussing on the actual vomit sitting in the loo. Because I had a two day respite, the vomit comes out slightly easier than usual.

I have cut a lot less filming out than usual.

Please feel free to rent this video here for £5.99 (purchases no longer available):-

Love you all lots

Jessica x

5 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 7

  1. Fantastic videos! Ilove your stomach full. In you’r futures vomit videos we can see you’r venter naked and his contraction before projectile of vomit with burps longs? Thank you et more vomit!


  2. Fantastic website Jessica for emetophilia lovers, continue and always more quantity of vomit. Suggestions : i love all the noises when you vomit (longs and strong burps), you must vomit always on wc? You have not a bathtube? And you’r lovely pregnant venter you can film it when you vomit a lot for looking big contractions of it? Slow motion is fantastic. i speak to my girlfriends of you’r webside, i make publicity for it. Finally sorry for my english but i’m French lesbian girl and emetophile like you. I wait with impatience your next film, i buy alls, you’r so sexy, kiss bella!


  3. Hi Jessica, you’r web site is fantastic for all vomit emetophilia, continue. Kiss of France from a lesbian girl (26 years) and also emetophilia, kiss a lot on you’r stomach, i wait with impatience you’r new video, i buy all. Mélanie.

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