My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 8

Hi everyone!

vom cover 8

So for the eighth time since starting this blog, I have puked up my dinner.  I do only self-induced vomiting (sure, I have certainly puked naturally, but I’ve never been lucky enough to catch it on camera!)  So instead, a story of where I puked naturally will have to suffice…

I had eaten eggs, ham, tomato, bread and coke for lunch.  We were returning from a family outing where I had to sit in the back seat of the car for a two and a half hour drive.  It was a very hot and sunny day; the car was stuffy with little air, and I was bored so I was reading a book on my kindle.  Gradually but surely, a wave of motion sickness wafted through my body.  My whole being felt dizzy and queasy.  I asked my dad to pull over because I needed some air, but there was nowhere to stop as we were on a busy motorway and it would have been dangerous.  I felt the vom climbing up my esophagous..suddenly…WHOOSH!  A whole load of puke went all over the back seats of the car.  The stench was unbearable, and luckily some motorway services were nearby so I could get cleaned up. It was quite a distressing experience to say the least!

vom 8

So, back to business…last night, I was wined and dined by an emetophile.  We ate in a lovely top quality restaurant. I had a four course meal.  I ate stuffed leg of guinea fowl for starters:

My main course was rump of lamb, daphinoise, carrots and confit of shoulder:
 And in true emetophilia style, I had two desserts:

Lemon posset with shortbread:-

And warm banana cake:-

After that, there was a filmed show. For my regular observant followers, you will notice two things: the bathroom is different (the marble floor indicates a top quality hotel) and also I’ve taken the plunge and changed my companion; my trusty toothbrush:

So please feel free to rent my video of last nights action – £5.99 for a 30 day rental.  The camera angles are almost completely different from my usual, with more of my face exposed and more gagging and burping:-

Take care,

I love you all,

Jessica x

4 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 8

    1. Hello,
      I will try and use my fingers, although I’m so used to using my toothbrush and have done for so many years, that it may be difficult to change.
      I’ll practice and see if it works.
      Thanks for your suggestion.
      Love Jessica x


  1. Best one by far. Love seeing you with make up and your hair so perfect.
    Did you change to something more casual to do the video? The pants seemed less dressy that I’d expect for a night out. Perhaps stay in dressier clothing (my taste is tightly stretched, black and shiny).
    Speaking of appearance- this is an emetophile site with the expected…consequences, right? – I have to compliment you on your *amazing* breast vs thigh proportions.


    1. Hello!
      Thank you for your kind comments!
      Yes I changed into a sexy nightie but because someone else was in the room, I think I was embarrassed so I put trousers on too. When I bent over the toilet in a short nightie, I was worried I would reveal too much at the back! But now I mainly puke in a bikini because people like seeing my belly movements whilst vomiting.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this video and thank you for your compliment on my breast thigh ratios haha.
      Love Jessica x


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