My Vomiting Puke Journal Day 9: Focus on Belly

So last night I really decided to stuff my belly –

full belly emetophilia day 9

I had Indian takeaway, consisting of chicken korma with Bombay potatoes and potato wedges.  The portion was HUGE, then afterwards I feasted on chocolate, peanuts and cereal.

My stomach stretched so much, it looked like this:

My food baby was definitely ready to burst!! I had been asked by Melanie from France to include some footage of how my belly moves during my vomiting sessions.  Therefore, in today’s video release, I did a bit of filming of the way my belly moves whilst vomiting.  It moves around A LOT.  If people like this idea, let me know and I can include more of this camera angle in my next videos.

vom 9

So here is the video, available for rental for £5.99

Take care and stay safe.

Love Jessica x

3 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal Day 9: Focus on Belly

  1. Hello Jessica, number 9 is fantastic, and watch you’r venter and stomach move very hard is sexy, i love see you’r contractions and i’m not surelly the one girl. This contractions are volontary or it’s happen involuntary? So now if you can filmed you’r contractions stomach, my god my pussy dripping a lot it’s so exiting, continue bella! Another idea (i am like you emethophile, i vomit like you every day) yes with all the food, can you drink soda like coca cola? The pression of you’r projectiles vomit will be spectacular and vomit on the wall more exiting. But it’s only you decide, you’r fantastic vomit girl, if i go to USA i go see you and wer’e two girls vomit, it’s our passion and other’s fan of you, girls and boys. I kiss you’r stomach a lot for more and more vomits, i’ll kiss it when you’r vomit with contractions! Love Mélanie g


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