My Vomiting Puke Journal Day 10: Focus on the Belly 2


vom cover 10

I still have not had any feedback from people (except for Melanie) as to whether you like to see my stomach contractions whilst puking.  In this new video, my stomach contractions feature much more.  They are 100% completely natural reflex reactions to the toothbrush going down my throat and the vomit coming up.  Please can everyone let me know if you want more or less of this aspect?

This is what my stomach looked like after my binge, but before my puke session:

belly stuffing emetophilia vomit 10

And what was the cause of this?!  I’ll show you…this was what I had for dinner last night…

chicken and chipes


…which I magically turned into this:

vomit puke 10

Want proof??  Check out this latest video which (quite by accident) features much more of my face than ever before!! Rental is £5.99.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Lots of love

Jessica x

6 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal Day 10: Focus on the Belly 2

  1. Hi, Jessica

    As far as critiquing goes, you haven’t disappointed yet. I’d say just keep up the good work. It was nice, seeing your face and I did enjoy the belly action. The more of your body that you’re willing to show us, the better. (Big hint! ;-D) In fact, do you have a nice, sexy nightie that you could wear? That’d be a treat. I saw a clip on youtube once. It was a good, clear vid of a pretty latina throwing up into a toilet. Surprisingly, what made it particularly memorable was that she was wearing a black top with lace on the sleeves; very feminine. It’s amazing what a huge difference one little touch like that can make. This is why I previously suggested that you show us different foods, to vary the color. Everyone has different tastes.

    One question; when you self induce, do you get the “high” that comes with throwing up naturally? I don’t imagine that it could be quite as strong, because there’s no nausea to be relieved. But what about the rush of pleasure endorphins? Do you get that? Just curious. I’ve often thought that this could be one of the roots of emetophilia, because the brain releases the same set of chemicals in the wake of vomiting as it does post-orgasm. I remember that I absolutely loved the way I felt after a bout of carsickness. I’d invariably doze off and have wonderful, erotic dreams about what had just gone on.


    1. Hello 😀
      Great critique and great ideas, thank you! Good idea about a pretty nightie. I’ll see if I can get one although I don’t have any at the moment.
      I’m also going to try and vary the colour of my food more – it may be hard at the beginning but I’m going to try.
      Yes I do get that “high” with self induced vomiting, which is why I enjoy it, and why I do it 😀
      I loved hearing about your erotic dreams after suffering from carsickness!
      Take care and thanks for the feedback.
      Love Jessica x


  2. Hello Jessica,

    I’m you’r first girl fan and for the emetophile i’m like you, i love too mutch you’r stomach contrations, i know a girl who’s make that, it’s so erotic and i kiss her stomach all the time she vomit, continue in this way just before you beging to vomit, show us you’r stomach ultra full ans when you vomit hard a new time because the contractions of you’r stomach are incredibles it’s fantastic and i’m exiting when i see it, really! Another thing, can you varied food? More colours in you’r projectiles vomit (pizzas, hamburger’s, etc…) if you want naturally. Don’t stop filmed you’r contractions stomach, an idea cut in two party the film, you’r stomach and you’r mouth projectiles vomit, with very longs burps, there full of ideas for filmed you ans you’r first enjoy is to make pleasure to you and all you’rs fans.

    I kiss you where you want and if you want vomit in my mouth it’s ok… Continue!



    1. Salut Melanie! Thank you again for the feedback. I filmed my stomach ultra full before vomiting in my latest video, so I took your advice. I will try and eat more varied food, although I find it hard, and I don’t like pizza 😦 But I will try.
      I’m so so glad you are really enjoying the videos. You’ve given me great advice and tips for filming, so thank you very much.
      Take care
      Love Jessica x


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