My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 11


So I just wanted to share with you something that happened to me recently.  About three weekends ago, I went out drinking with my two best female friends, Jo and Sandra.  At home before we went out, we had few mojito cocktails, then when we were out, we had way too many vodka and cokes. We had a fantastic night and danced the whole time. On the way home, at 3am, we decided to stop at a kebab shop and get a kebab and some chips (this is typical in England).  When we got back home to Sandra’s house, I had an overwhelming urge to puke.  It was a mixture of the gone off bacteria-ridden meat, too much alcohol and too much dancing.  I puked all over her bathroom and woke up her little brother in the process, who was very upset.  I won’t be staying at her house again!  Haha!

So anyway, last night was Sunday night, so I had roast lamb with mint sauce and roast potatoes for dinner: roast lamb vomit 11

With a very generous helping of chocolate for dessert:

chocolate vomit 11

I ate much more than all this, and ended up with a belly looking like this,compared to what it normally looks like:

stuffed belly 11small belly

This video is different – it beings with a short clip of my stuffed belly and how full I am just before I puke.  I’m so full that I can barely walk!  Then, there is plenty of vomiting and tummy movements, – you see my belly working so hard – and there are some huge streams of vomit coming out my mouth, like a waterfall, with amazing sounds and burping. You will also see me raise my whole body up whilst puking!

Lots of love

Jessica x

8 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 11

      1. It really does fit, doesn’t it? “I’m gonna give you EVERYTHING!” Of course, I’ll expect most of it back! I like to write emeto-parodies of popular songs, things like ‘Throw Up, Little Suzie,’ ‘You’re Gonna Lose That, Girl,’ ‘When Sunnie Gets Green,’ ‘The Breakfast of Edna Fitzgerald,’ et cetera. I even posted a fictional segment from the old Kay Kaiser radio show once, but that ones so far in the past that only a couple of people got the reference. Oh, well.


  1. Hi my babe Jessica, i’m happy you take my ideas for you’r vomit films, you’r stomach contractions are simply incredibles… i should want to kiss it when you vomit and here the noises into, on this film you vomit too much hummmm this 11 is simply for me the best! Now before you’r vomit sceance you film always you’r stomach like a pregnant girl, it’s spectacular and in the middle of you’r sceance film you’r stomach with his incredibles contractions it’s too erotic and sexy for me who’s emetophile hard like you, i hope the future films of you it will more vomit still and more contractions. My god you drink too much with 2 girlfriends and vomit evewhere? Take you’r camera the next time because vomit projectiles went alone! So it’s only you decided naturally, if you want other ideas for you’r futures films tell me yes or no, i don’t want decide for you but became a sort of coatch ok you want?

    I kiss you’r stomach very hard, and i regret to be in France and not in USA like you, so i wait you’r next films, and i repeat to you if you want ideas tell me. like you i’m emetophile from 8 years and i’ve plenty ideas in my head for you’r vomit sceances if you want tell me.

    Kiss everywhere my babe, you’r wonderfull!



    1. Hi, Jessica

      Melanie’s right, it would have been SO good, if you’d managed to get your wonderful weekend adventure on camera. Maybe you can assign a “wingman,” next time. The spontaneity of the real thing is a nice, extra turn on, as is the build up. His isn’t any sort of complaint, just a suggestion that, should such a windfall come your way, we’d all love to share it.

      I also like how you end each shoot by giving us a good look at what’s in the bowl. It reminds me of the girl whom I told you about. When she was finished being sick, she’d invariably stand up and spend long moments staring into the bowl, before flushing everything away. It was almost as if she were trying to memorize the look of it. This was the inspiration for my character Lizzis’ habit of taking pictures of her vomit. She has a nice, secret cache that she likes to take out and enjoy, as long as sound recordings on her ipod.


  2. Hi, Jessica

    You can “meet” Lizzi here, if you like, along with some of my other beautiful ladies.

    As a matter of fact, it’s my understanding that a few of my songs have, in fact, been performed live. A few years ago, a young lady drummer posted a story about her becoming ill during a performance and having to run offstage to vomit. Since she was a musician, I rewrote ’50 Ways to Leave Your Lover’ for her;

    Your problem is coming from inside,
    It seems to me.
    The answer is simple if you
    Act courageously.

    No need to struggle,
    Just let everything go free,
    There must be fifty ways
    Of feeling better.

    You just let it slip back, Jacq,
    Lean over the pan, Anne,
    The sink you can employ, Joi,
    It just has to be.
    Drive the white bus, Jus,
    You won’t need to reflush, much
    Just let it go free, Leigh,
    And then you shall see….
    et cetera

    She said that she showed the piece to her band mates and that they liked it well enough to put it into their act. One of them supposedly asked if I were really Weird Al Yankovic, which may be the best complement that I’ve had. I kept on for a while and, supposedly, they used everything I wrote. Unfortunately, she suddenly stopped writing back. 😦

    Here’s a couple of Beatles tunes that I murde…..uh…….REWORKED for her. The third is just something that I did to post on the site. It’s my riff on ‘The Green Fields of France.’ I’m a bit of a monomaniac, I guess. Any title that includes the word “green” sends my mind down just one track! You can find the original on youtube. My version is much happier. ;-D

    She’s a Loser

    (To the tune of I’m a loser)

    She’s a loser
    She’s a loser
    And the only kind of girl for me

    Of all the cookies that I have seen tossed
    She’s a girl in a million, my friend
    I n’er give a damn how much the drinks cost
    I always know how the evening will end.

    She’s a loser
    And I know she does it just for me
    She’s a loser
    And the only kind I care to see

    She always swears that she’ll keep it down
    Before too long she is wearing that frown
    It’s never long then before she lets fly
    I cradle her head and tenderly sigh

    She’s a loser
    She’s a loser
    And the only kind of girl for me

    What have I done for to have it so great
    Who cares girl just go fill up your plate
    And when you’re through and you’ve finished it all
    And you wear that look I’ll answer the call

    You’re Gonna Lose That, Girl

    You’re gonna lose that, Girl

    You’re gonna lose that, Girl.
    (Yes, Yes, You’re gonna lose that. Girl)
    You’re gonna lose that, Girl.
    (Yes, Yes, You’re gonna lose that. Girl)

    Yeah, if you don’t watch out tonight,
    I think you’re gonna find
    (I think you’re gonna find)
    That something will come up tonight
    If fortune treats me kind
    (You know what’s on my mind)

    You’re gonna lose that, Girl.
    (Yes, Yes, You’re gonna lose that. Girl)
    You’re gonna lose that, Girl.
    (Yes, Yes, You’re gonna lose that. Girl)

    There’s only one way this can end,
    Your dinner will be gone
    (You’re gonna find it gone,
    You’re gonna find it gone)
    But that will be all right, ‘cause then
    I will be havin’ fun
    (And not the only one)

    You’re gonna lose that, Girl.
    (Yes, Yes, You’re gonna lose that. Girl)
    You’re gonna lose that, Girl.
    (Yes, Yes, You’re gonna lose that. Girl)
    You’re gonna lose that, Girl.
    (Yes, Yes, You’re gonna lose that. Girl)

    We’ll leave this joint
    And find a private place for you to…
    Do what you’ll do
    A place where we can do the other, too

    You’re gonna lose that, Girl.
    (Yes, Yes, You’re gonna lose that. Girl)
    You’re gonna lose that, Girl.
    (Yes, Yes, You’re gonna lose that. Girl)
    You’re gonna lose that, Girl.
    (Yes, Yes, You’re gonna lose that. Girl)

    ‘Well how do you fare now, my sweet Gallic bride,
    Do you feel a bit queasy as we ride the wild tide?
    How can you be so pale in this warm summer sun
    Is this my lucky day, am I in for some fun?
    Well you’ve traveled right far now, for a lass of 19
    But it’s left you an indecorous shade of pale green
    Well, if you’re feeling sick, sure you know what I mean,
    That will help us move on fast to matters obscene

    Did you eat your lunch slowly, did you wolf it down, wholly
    Did they serve to you something that feels hard to keep down?
    Did the buggers know just what they did for us?
    And bid us play the grand game before us?

    Nothing’s better in life than to stand here behind
    As loudly you honor Poseidons’ green shrine.
    And though you’re a lass of but 10 and 9
    The numbers I dwell on are a 6 and a 9
    For I know you’re no stranger to this little game
    Longing to have me hold your tawny mane
    As each place that we pass gets all splattered and stained
    With blotches of yellow tan and brown just the same.

    Please don’t hold it down now, my sweetheart of France,
    The high winds blow fiercely, we’ll have no better chance.
    No ship ever wallowed quite like this old scow,
    So gag and be seasick and do it right now.
    For here on this deck where you bend and I stand,
    Your tender white beauty doth writhe neath my hand
    And the world never saw any happier man
    Through a whole generation right beside you I’ll stand.

    Was there ever a love quite so perfect as ours?
    With its’ sweet, fiery secret that makes us the same?
    Yes, its’ truth and its’ glory do ring in my brain
    For my tender bride, we shall do this again,
    And again, and again, and again, and again.


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