My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 12

Hello everybody

It is with a bit of sadness I am posting this article and video – I really do hope you enjoy this one because I am going away until Saturday, so won’t be able to post another blog article or puke video until Saturday 😢😢

I have been asked to vary my food intake a bit more. Last night I ate blueberries so that you could all experience it in my puke. It turns out you can only see a couple of blueberries come out of my mouth together with my puke stream at the beginning of the video – if you’re observant, you will notice small black bits in my first puke stream in this video.  You can also see one blueberry appearing when I film my puke in the toilet right here:-  vomit puke pic 12

My dinner was duck pancakes so there’s also a bit of green cucumber bits in there:-

duck pancakes vomit 12

And this is what I look like when I bend over and puke down the toilet:

vomit puke cover 12

So,  the beginning of this video films a view around my stuffed belly, and the first puking section of the film contains a very long and thick stream. The video also features my stomach convulsions as I am vomiting, and a few close-ups of the vomit.  I hope you enjoy!

Take care and I love you all.

Jessica x

4 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 12

  1. Hello Jessica,

    Why you are a bit sadeness because your next video you’r fans like me (sure number one in the girls category lol) can wait to saturday bella, and i think it’s positive thing because while 4 days not videos of you is good why? Our attend will be short and the important think for me you’r can prepare in you’r head a lot of surprises and us you’r fans wait with impatience what you reserve to us surprises in you’r strong vomit sceances, for me all the days installed a sort of “routine” like we said in France so a short breack is for me very good for you to reflexion what you’r eat and drink, you’r dressing tenues ( when a vomit seance of you in bikinis 2 pieces for exemple that’s for me good idea) or 2 pieces swimsuit sexy! You wan’t and like?

    So you’r video is fantastic, now i think to show us you’r stomach contractions incrédibles must be in all you’r futures videos, other’s fans of you surely ok with that babe it’s so erotic and impressionnant, my god so wonderfull! And longs burpings, that is very exitant for me and if you drink sodas with all you’r food you’r burps became incredibles also with you’ stomach contractions extraordinary and see all you’r projectibles vomit more strong, perhaps on the wall in front of you, i will like that so much, but it’s only you who decide me i tell you ideas because i’m like you emetophile ans i have sometimes orgasm when i vomit everywhere, it’s cool you don’t think?

    So enjoy Jessica we patient and don’t be sadeness the attent is exiting, what surprise you reserve for us next saturday? Hummmmm i’m sure you have lot of imagination no?

    I kiss you where you want my babe surely on you’r stomach when a spectacular contraction hummmmmm, at saturday Jessica the attent is very exiting for us so smile and reflexion what surprise you reserve for us, it’s ok?

    You’r Mélanie! Smac, slurp lol!


  2. Hello Jessica, i wait saturday with impatience,
    jou’r last video “day 12” is fantastic with you’r stomach contractions really incredibles and more vomit than the other’s videos of you.

    Still 2 days and enjoy!

    if you’r stomach contractions are now indipensable in all you’r videos (so sexy) other’s ideas are in my mind, for exemple you’r dressing tenues, you don’t like in bikini? I think we more see you’r stomach. But it’s only you who decide naturally.

    another idea if you like sodas you may drink a lot in the same time you eat all you’r food, yes sodas make you very longs and noising burps and in first time more pression in you’r stomach so projectiles vomit extremelly more violent and far, i know i say because like you know i’m emetophile girl like you!

    For finish this little comment, don’t sadeness sundays evening, all’s you’r fans here me the first are so exited to wait you the next saturday and for you 5 days are interessant to reflexion and what you think offer to us the next week-end, i love good surprise of you!

    At saturday Jessica i kiss you very hard




    1. Salut Melanie, thank you so much for all your comments and your input. Your advice is very helpful, and I will do a vomiting video in a bikini – I will release a video in a bikini this weekend! I have a mauve (purple) bikini so maybe you will like it.
      Good idea about the soda- I always drink fizzy water – do you think this helps?
      Thank you so much, merci beaucoup,
      Love Jessica x


      1. Hello my Jessica,

        Thanks for you’r reply, first i appreciate you like my ideas (i have stil a lot of for you’r futures vomit videos but mistery i like suspence but if you’r too impatience i tell you sommes one this week-end) it’s easy for me because i’m emetophile like you at it’s my passion to vomit (i have sometimes orgasms when i vomit) emetophilia définition is : “the pleasure by the vomit” no? And i have two girfriends like me, so we make when all the three are disponible vomit party’s at three it’s very exitant.

        A purple bikini? Woaou the top, for this video eat food more than the other times because we see more you’r stomach and you’r venter in integrality.

        So fizzy water yes it’s wrong in reality sodas are two avantages, yes, one it’s facilite the projectiles vomit and a lot of gaz in you’r stomach so incredibles longs burps before the begening of vomit (if you can film that only you’r stomach whith this burps), in second time gaz of soda, or fizzy water (if you drink a lot with a lot of food) triple sometimes more the pression in you’r stomach, be carefull previous protections on all the walls of you’r wc because the projectiles vomit are very explosing with the pression.

        So i sea number 13, always fantastic and it’s good to repose you’r stomach in the week.

        If you want other’s ideas for more pleasure to vomit more and more, tell me in you’r answer ok? I’m you’r first girlfriend fan here and it’s so good to vomit, isn’t it? In you’r next video before you vomit when you burps longuely can you make with you’r hand a sign like “hello” or “coucou” ok? I devine it’s for me and i will be happy before you’r great vomit!

        I kiss you on you’r stomach my Jessica and all this week-end i’ll see you’r new videos!

        You’r Mélanie.


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