My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 13

Hi everyone!
I’m currently back from my short break…I did not puke at all while I was away, so I am now refreshed and revitalised, having allowed my body to relax. At this point, I would like to add that all the vomiting I do is purely for fun. I simply enjoy puking and get a real kick and a high out of it. Apparently it’s to do with the endorphins being released into the bloodstream, similar to the way the body reacts whilst having an orgasm.

vomit puke 13 closeup
Due to my rather longer than usual absence, I have a real treat for you. Firstly, because this video is 8 minutes 33 seconds long. Secondly, people have been asking me to eat a wider variety of food to show a wider range of vomit colours, and with this in mind, I ordered an Indian takeaway – chicken tikka masala (this is bright red), Bombay potatoes (bright orange) and saag paneer (dark green spinach and cheese dish), plus some peshwari rice (coconut rice) which I would never normally eat:-

vomit 13 dinner
Of course I ate a lot more than this…too much to list including cornflakes, chocolate and nuts. I ate so much that my belly looked like this:

vomit 13 stuffed belly fullvomit 13 stuffed belly

And of course, like usual, I filmed the whole scenario from start to finish, including starting off with filming my stuffed belly, plenty of retching, attempts to make myself sick, burping, stomach contractions whilst vomiting, and of course tons of streams of orange and red vomit cascading out of my mouth.  At the end of the video, there are lots and lots of gagging sounds, and you can see the small pieces of food sooo well in the toilet – this is awesome!

Check out the puke video here:-

Love Jessica x

3 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 13

  1. Hi there! Paid for this one, happily watching (And enjoying) went to download when My connection died 😦 Now it’s not letting me! Anything you can do to help?!?


      1. Cheers it worked! Great video! I wondered if you’ve ever tried or considered inducing without gagging? I.e. Mustard powder? Or pure overeating? I’m also interested if you would try milkshake? All the best!


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