My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 15

Hello 😘😘

Today I am releasing a different type of video.  People may be disappointed to find that, for this one time only, I have had to increase my price.  This is because this is an extra special video – it is extra hot and sexy – worthy of extra special treatment and an increased price. 

I am wearing a turquoise bikini in this video, but this time, the filming angles are different.  I have gone back to focussing on my belly movement, but you see much more of my body – you see the side of my bottom (not bare) you see the side of my thighs and stomach, with the side of my face all in the same shot, as I am forcing myself to vomit:-


I have also included another new camera angle, which shows the front of my bikini bottoms and my stomach working as I am puking up:-


What I had for dinner was half a chicken, a huge sweet potato and some red pepper:-

 I really love vomiting red pepper, because it is so bright and and you can really see the individual pieces in my puke:-


You also may have noticed a pattern forming – my puking starts off hardcore (because my stomach is so full), with very little burping. Then, as all my videos progress and as I am emptying my stomach, the puke comes out less forcefully and more burps surface. This is because there is less to bring up and more air inside my stomach.

Here is my stuffed belly before filming my puke session:-

And here is what my stomach normally looks like:-


This video features nice thick streams of vomit, lots of retching and me trying to puke, burping, and plenty of stomach movements. This is by far my hottest video yet for any emetophile.

Here is an example of a thick stream coming out of my mouth whilst bending over:-


Please feel free to rent this sexy video for £8.99:-

Take care

Love you lots

Jessica x

11 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 15

  1. Hello Jessica,


    Simply for me you’r best video from the begenning, we see all you’r perfect body and you’r incredibly stomach contractions with you’r longs burps, it’s so good to see…

    Love, Mélanie.


    1. Hello Melanie
      THANK YOU!!!
      I’m so glad you liked it – as I was filming it, I thought of you and the camera angles you might like.
      Thank you for all your advice and input.
      Love Jessica x


      1. Thank you so to hear my conseils and ideas! I have a lot another’s, you want i became you’r girlcoach in emetophilia, tell me please! For you’r camera angles it’s perfect, and in bikini it’s too sexy, yes dressing is very important in vomit videos ans here you are outdoor in more with the sun, my God continue like that and if you want tell me conseil if you have ideas bella, i said to you if a good or bad idea ok? You progress surelly in camera positions, with two cameras it’s still more possibility of filmed and you can make a good montage of you’r film. I kiss you Jessica always on you’r big stomach (i hear a lot of noises into) it’s good, i wait with impatience you’r answer and you’r next video, now you must go up in power realisations of videos and always vomit more and more! You not try sodas? I hope a surprise of you and always in bikini naturally. You’r a very beautifull girl emetophile, continue you are the best and a vomit queen!

        Love Mélanie g


  2. This is the best video by far! Really like seeing the whole of your body while puking, including the great belly movement and puke in the same frame. Even better, you’re doing it in a cute bikini! As usually the stream is just amazing for the first one and a half minute, very tick and pukey. This is probably the best vid released on Internet for ages!


    1. Hello!
      Thank you so much for your kind comments. I’m so glad you like it!
      I realise you are a regular and faithful customer and that you have bought all my videos – perhaps we should meet up sometime and have some fun?
      Love Jessica X


  3. I like the look of this. I am considering purchasing. I was just wondering how the purchases will appear on a bank statement? As well as this I was wondering if you would consider consuming a large amount of fluid (I.e juice, milk shake, lemonade) for those super fluid burpy pukes. All the best!


    1. Hello
      Yes this is an amazing video! I’m sure you will like it! On a bank statement, the purchases appear as “Gumroad Inc”.
      Yes in one of my next videos, I will consume lots of liquids for longer and more powerful burps.
      Take care
      Love Jessica x


  4. A whole host of comments to make:

    I just love seeing you put your body to work like this. That this is routine for you is hard to believe in a way…it looks hard on you 🙂
    I especially love how the head down and heaving combine to flush – even slightly swell- your face! One of the things I liked most about the hotel video was seeing the heat in your face start to come through the pallor of the foundation.
    I love your hair…and your tummy.

    This is another bathroom, vs the black tiled one? You get around… hehe.

    Initially, it’s obvious you’ve taken down a lot of soda… very liquidy. Neither good, nor bad, just an observation.

    In another day’s post, you mention blueberries and seeing one come up whole. Why not make a special of that…? See how little you can chew things. Select things like fresh frozen green peas, blueberries and swallow them without touching them with your teeth. Perhaps show some of the pre-video binge? May I call it that, or does that make you uncomfortable? Off the top of my head I can’t recall if you’ve used that word.

    Most of all great bikini! Did you say you are doing another in a lavender one?

    PS, latter question stems not of hurried viewing of the site, but from your “theme” seeming to prevent proper loading in Firefox. Perhaps smaller icons with an html link as lead page? IDK. But the new tabs open up, the progress bar goes across the top, but no content subsequently forms.

    PPS- who is the girl avatar in the top left? Looks like from a movie? or is that you, more tanned??


    1. Hello again!
      Thank you for your comments and advice. This video is in fact filmed at home in Portugal. So this is mostly where I film my puke videos from now on. I started off in my home bathroom in England, but I’ve now emigrated.
      I love your idea re: consuming peas and blueberries, and doing a pre video binge. I need time to think about it and how to incorporate it.
      The lavender bikini puke session is day 14.
      Interesting what you said about Firefox. I use internet explorer and find the same proble. I shall look into changing my theme some time.
      But mostly, thank you for the comments and advice. I’m really open to structural criticism and tips and advice, as well as people’s personal preferences.
      Love Jessica x


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