My Vomiting Puke Journal Bikini Special: Day 14

Hello everyone!

vomit puke 14

I am now back in the full swing of things, and really enjoying making these videos for my fellow emetophile community!  Today I have a special, new type of video out – I’m vomiting in a bikini!

I’m wearing a mauve bikini, and I vomited in a hotel room, where there were lots of mirrors, meaning that as the camera closes in on my mouth, in the background, you can see most of me leaning over the toilet and puking up!

vomit puke cover 14

This is me wearing the bikini, with my huge stuffed belly on display:-

stuffed belly 14 emetophile stuffed belly 14 emetophilia

On this video I didn’t have the opportunity to focus on my stomach contractions, I only focus on the vomit and on the puke coming out my mouth, although you can see my stomach moving in the mirror in the background, if you look carefully.  This means that for the first time, I have revealed my whole puking position.  So basically you get to see me bent over in the mirror in just a bikini!

Also there are nice thick streams coming out my mouth.  Although unfortunately there is the noise of someone snoring in the background – something which I can’t help as I was in a hotel, and these things happen.

This was my dinner:-

salmon dinner vomit 14

Which I magically turned into this:

vomit puke 14 emetophiles

Here is the video, available for rental only for £5.99:

Take care everyone and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Love Jessica x


One thought on “My Vomiting Puke Journal Bikini Special: Day 14

  1. Hello Jessica,

    still a nice vomit video of you, you’r dressing change all, very good idea on bikini but it’s frustrant to not see you’r full body with it and the contractions of you’r stomach with it also… i’m sure in you’r next video you find a solution for that always in bikini, you’r very sexy with it so much, you know change clothes in you’r videos is another good idea but always see you’r incredibles stomach contractions, so i think in another video of you after a second in bikini, with a you know a very short chemisal just under you’r nipples with a “knot” just under sorry for my english but i’m sure you understand, you can only have a “bra” it resting correct, i think change you’r tenues with surprise effects for us will be in you’r next videos important but never masqued you’r stomach, we love too much see it moving and contracting.

    So you where in hôtel room and deranged by someone? You make what you want in an hôtel chamber! You paid!

    And for finish this comment for today i’ve plenty of ideas for you, tenue dressing ok, position of you’r body, it will be interessant you film you’r stomach contractions in face of it one time and in profil another time, naturally it’s only you who decided.

    Think to sodas my babe i explic to you it’s a very important thing for burpings incredibles and hight pression in you’r stomach.

    I kiss you on you’r stomach and wait with impatience you’r next video!

    Love, Mélanie.


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