My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 16


I had a fabulous vomiting session last night:-

vomit puke 16 emetophiles

This is a great side shot of my body- during the video you will see the way I take my whole body upwards the moment I puke – I’m told this is sexy!!

vom 16 coverSo I’m back in Portugal now and loving the Portuguese way of life, especially their food.  Who can resist these delicious Portuguese cakes:-

I know I certainly can’t!! And I scoffed them all last night!

So the journey I took to get here was to take the ferry to the north of Spain, and then I drove to Portugal. On the boat, you see these bags all over the place:-

And there was a young woman on the boat – blonde like me, although a darker blonde, and much bustier than me.  She too was in her early twenties, I would guess. I was sitting in the restaurant having dinner, as was she.  The ferry crossing was very rough thanks to all the wind in Western Europe at the moment. She looked unwell and was picking at her food. She very suddenly got up and walked briskly to the toilet, holding her stomach.

Well, I can’t resist a situation like this, not only for my own enjoyment, but also with all my readers in mind.  So I followed her, and took the above bag into the toilet to offer her my support. And there she was…a beautiful sight…puking up her dinner in the toilet. I was too late with the bag, hence it remaining unused, and also I left the table in such a hurry that I left my phone behind, but I must say, I certainly enjoyed myself that evening.

vomit puke 16 emetophilia

So for today, I have decided to reduce the price of today’s video.  This is mainly to test the market and see the reception I get, but also because last night I didn’t have any dinner – just Portuguese cakes, yoghurt, white chocolate and pistachios. This meant that my puke was runnier than usual, and perhaps not up to my usual standard? However, right at the end of the video, I do a close up of all my vomit, and you can see lots of tiny particles of green pistachio nuts 😍😍

In this video I am wearing a leopard print bikini, and the beginning of the video shows a tour round my stuffed belly.  To be honest I have never seen it this big and swollen in my life. I look pregnant, but can assure you I am not. This is a still shot of my belly:-


And this is what it looks like normally:-

Like usual, my puke went all over the floor, and even on my slippers:-

slipper vomit puke emetophiliaThis puke video contains an almost full body shot of me leaning over the toilet and vomiting – so you can see my stomach moving as I am trying to puke.  There is less of my face appearing in this video, and also this video has my branding in the bottom left corner, hence the lower price and the decision to offer this up for sale as well.

I hope you enjoy this video – the rental price is £3.99, and the purchase price is £39.99:-

Love Jessica X

7 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 16

  1. Great story about the girl on the ferry. It’s been my experience that, almost without exception, even lady emetophiles who consider themselves straight enjoy the sight of another woman throwing up. This is where you have the advantage over us, being able to follow your friends into the powder room and savor every second of those w
    onderful “occasions!” 🙂


  2. Hello Jessica, i’m Ricardo, a portuguese friend 🙂
    Do contact me if you need anything while in Portugal. There are wonderful things to explore outside the tourist realm.
    All the best ❤


    1. Tudo bem, Ricardo?!
      Muito obrigada pelo contato. Na verdade, imigrei para Portugal então agora tou morando aqui permanentemente. Portugal é um pais lindo, pois não? Você vai ver muito mais comida portuguesa no meu blog. Também é muito bom saber que tenham emetophiles portugueses aqui 😉
      Até já
      Jessica X


      1. Tudo bem Jessica 🙂
        Portugal é lindo de facto. Bem vinda!
        A comida portuguesa é muito boa, mas para mim é vegan. Talvez seja uma opção a explorar pela tua parte também 🙂
        Tudo de bom com esta mudança!
        Até já. xxx


      2. Na verdade sempre respetei a comida vegana e a maneira que os veganos levam a vida. O meu problema é que gosto muito de frango, e gosto muito de leite no meu café e cházinho!! Ah pois é; também gosto demais de pastéis de nata! Infelizmente não posso ser vegana mas tenho ciumes de quem é vegano!


  3. Quem sabe, talvez um dia 🙂
    Cada vez há mais opções de leite vegetal e já tive o prazer de comer uns pasteis de nata veganos!
    A alimentação vegana também pode ser bastante prazerosa e é mais fácil do que possa parecer 🙂


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