My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 17

Hello everyone!

Some of last night’s action:

vom 17 cover emetophilic

vomit puke 17 emetophiles

 With nice, thick puke:

My dinner was a Portuguese barbecue with chicken, sweet potatoes, potato salad and two onions:

dinner vom 17 emetophilia

Plus a snack for afters:

museli vom 17 puke

Which I turned into this:

vomit puke 17 emetophilia

and this:

vom 17 puke pic sexy vomit video

At the beginning of the video, my vomit stream is nice and thick (thanks, mainly, to the museli I consumed). I filmed this video in just my knickers and a pink t-shirt. Again you see my body raise up at the moment the puke comes out my mouth. I’m told this is a popular move. Like usual, the video starts with a tour of my stuffed belly, lots of vomiting, belly movements, burping, retching and puking.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I had fun making it!!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Love Jessica x

4 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 17

  1. Hello Jesssica,

    How are you babe? Vomit 17 is good, it’s an evidence now, show us all you’r fans here you’r stuffed belly from face and profil before you begin you’r vomit mess is too sexy!

    Ikike you’r ideas for you’r next videos, it seem you wan’t go in more spectacular’s vomit and i like that Bella!

    One idea, at the begining of one of you’r next great vomit film, can you stay standing (always in bikini, you’r body is so perfect) and show us you’r stuffed belly and make longs burps for we see the begin of you’rs stomach contractions, ans perhaps the begining of projectiles vomits to watch if you want the vomit down on you’r stomach i think it’s very hard and too sexy always you’r camera in face of you’r incredibles stomach contractions but always standing, for that have you a great bowl and protections on the floor just at you’r feet?

    Vomit 17 you vomit very solid, on another video you can vomit very liquid with sodas? I think it’s will be very very spectacular longer for you’r projectiles vomit, i have a girlfriend who vomit very far ( one meter sure and a lot of projectiles) what do you think with all that?

    I think for you’r next films you change scenarios of you’rs session after naturally show us in first time you’r stuffed belly. If you change the classic scenario only vomit in you’r WC i think it will be more power, we can see you in other’s positions and i know you have a great imagination.

    Kiss of you’r first girl fan émétophile like you, i kiss you’r stomach!

    Love, Mélanie g.


    1. Hello Mélanie! How are you? Ça va? I’m very well – still really enjoying making and filming my vomit videos!!

      I just need to make sure I’ve understood what you’ve asked for: do you want me to vomit on the floor and on my feet, and also puke on my stomach?

      Also, do you want me to film my stomach movements at the beginning of the video? I haven’t done that yet because normally my stomach doesn’t move much at the beginning because it’s so full. It only starts moving more when it gets a bit emptier.

      On day 16, my vomit was much more liquid-like. Did you enjoy that? In the future I will look at puking just liquid, but lots of people like solid vomit.

      Also in the future I want to vary where I puke and puke in a bucket, but right now I have to continue puking in my wc because of the layout of my house. I hope you understand. But I do have a bucket and I do really want to vomit into it.

      Thanks so much for all your ideas and suggestions. I will try and incorporate as many of them as I can.

      Love you lots, Jessica X


  2. Hello Jessica for the second time (but you’r so sweet),

    Yes, vomit on the floor and you’r feet and you’r stomach and filmed you’r stomach movement at the beginning of the video just after show us natururally you’r stuffed belly, you know everything has a beginning and if you’r stomach doesn’t move much it’s no important because i think it’s important to see it at the beginning, it’s for me the start of you’r vomit session and i think it’s a good idea very sexy.

    Day 16 is for me the best video you filmed, really! But you can more emetophilia sexy too than Day 16, it’s my advice.

    Yes a great bucket like a great plastic bucket you know? You can vomit into more violent than wc i’m sure, i do that with girlfriends often. And after you’r mess put all you’r vomit in wc from this great plastic bucket, it will be very hard and sexy, i’m think and you?

    It’s you who decided my babe but i’m really sure it will be more exiting and if you varied scenarios for you’r vomit sessions all you’r fans will be happy and exited, me number one girl lol.

    I’m sure you have a great imagination to make you’r next videos more and more exiting!

    I kiss you’r stomach stuffed…

    Love you lot, Mélanie g


    1. Hi Mélanie
      Thank you for your message and advice.
      I took your advice and on one of my recent videos, I filmed my bloated stomach and then started puking in one continuous shot without editing.
      I will definitely puke into a plastic bucket soon – I haven’t done it yet but am planning it.
      I’m trying to be as creative as possible with different camera angles, hopefully they are good enough for you.
      Take care my darling,
      Lots of love
      Jessica X


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