My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 18

Hello everyone

I’m back in the full swing of things, and I really get a kick out of vomiting, and I especially love filming it and sharing my experiences with you guys.

vom cover 18

You’ll notice since moving to Portugal, I have a lot of barbecued food under the lovely Portuguese sun.

dinner vom 18 emetophilia

This was three pork chops, two potatoes, one onion and potato salad.  Last night I also ate chocolate biscuits – more than what I would like to admit to. Okay, okay, I’ll admit to what it had; I ate 18 kitkat minis and a whole pack of chocolate digestives, as well as my dinner, one kilo of peach and passion fruit yoghurt, and some white chocolate.  This is the one kilo pot of yoghurt I shamelessly consumed:-

yoghurt vomit 18

All this milk chocolate gave my puke a much darker brown colour, but the foods do seem to come up separately, giving my puke a sort of marble effect:-

So I filmed the whole show in a black bikini. 

Here is my bloated belly just before I started vomiting:-

And here is me in the bathroom straight after I finished puking:-

I have decided to offer this video up for purchase at £39.99 or £4.99 for rent. This is due to the quality of the video; At the beginning, the puke streams are very forceful and thick. In this vid, I have also revealed much more of my face. And there are a couple of great body shots.

Enjoy the vomiting video!

Love Jessica x

7 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 18

    1. Hi there Ricardo
      Thanks for your message. I have thought about making custom videos, but it is not worth it for me because I normally earn more per video on my blog than the price someone is willing to pay for a custom video.
      What are your thoughts for a custom video?
      Thanks again
      Love Jessica x


      1. Hi Jessica 🙂
        You can also make the custom videos available for other people to buy/rent. That way you’ll get even more revenue. You can aso raise the buy/rent price of the custom ones due to the exclusive content.
        For me the food must be vegan and i would like to watch you eat it. The directing details depend on what you’re into – you could make a list of do’s and dont’s for custom videos regarding your preferences.
        Thank you 🙂
        Love xxx


      2. Hello Ricardo,
        I love your idea about eating only vegan food, filming me eat it, then puke it all up. And of course making it available to all.

        The only thing is, at the moment, I live with family, and needless to say, they don’t know about my emetophilia, so filming myself eat, when I eat in front of them would be too difficult. However, if I ever get the opportunity to do this, I shall definitely seize the moment and whip out my camera. I will let you know when this happens. Hopefully soon!

        Thank you again for your suggestion.
        Love Jessica X


      3. Thank you Jessica! 😀 That sounds great!
        I am also partial to mouth/tongue/uvula play, Maybe you’d like to play with vomit aswel.
        Let me know if you need some ideas for vegan food 🙂
        Thanks again!
        All the best!
        Love xxx


  1. Hello Jessica,

    Day 18 is good and sexy (your bikini wuoaou, marvellous) it’s important for all you’r fans here to see you’r stomach contractions incredibles, before you’r session vomit with you’r stomach like a pregnant girl at the 5 month, Ricardo (i love all you’r fans) in his message want you vomit in custom… I’ll don’t like you with that because not wiew off you’r stomach contractions, but i’m not the only one of you’r girl fan emetophile like you, you must satisfacted all you’r fans it’s natural, kiss to you Ricardo but i don’t have you’r ideas, and so Jessica make like her want for her vomit sessions. Jessica i add a commentar in you’r day 17, no repond but read it because i confirm my ideas for you’r next vomit mess videos, for amazing, change scenarios, i think great plastic bucket, i’m sure you have a lot of ideas for you’r next nombrous videos! For me (if you want naturally) you doing imagination, i know you have for always surprend you’r fans here! Yes only you’r standard vomit in you’r wc are very sexy but with time i think you change for futures vomit sessions in other’s stations. Another idea, you’r allonged in floor in bikini and you vomit out hight and you’r vomit all you’r stomach, i think it will be a good video, but it’s you only decide, i never command you, you have a great imagination and more and more fans, so varried you’r position, standing all a session for me will be power marvellous, but i repeat me, it’s you who decide and only you.

    Kiss on you’r stuffed stomach babe

    Love Mélanie g


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