My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 19

Hello everybody!

Here I am again with another glorious vomiting video!

vom 19 puke picture

So, last night, I really stuffed my face.  I had a huge dinner (barbecue like usual):-

vom 19 dinner

And for afters I ate lots of chocolate and snacks including these two huge bags of cheese flavour Doritos:-

doritos vom 19

Now within my puke, you will see bits of the red pepper, and you will also notice the distinctive colour of my puke with a strong orange tinge to it from the chewed up and half digested doritos:

vomit video 19 puke photo video

I ate until I was bloated and my belly was really stuffed:-

I stuffed belly vomit video 19 emetophilia stuffed belly vomit video 19

And then once I had puked everything out of me, this is how I looked:-

vomit video 19 empty belly

If you would like to see me spew up loads and loads of food, please feel free to buy or rent this video.  It starts off showing my stuffed belly, and shows how I self-induce vomiting with my trusty toothbrush.  Like usual, it includes a shot of how my stomach moves as I try and puke, plus lots of close ups etc.  This puke was lovely and thick! Check out this almost full body shot of me puking:-

Take care

Love you all,

Jessica x

One thought on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 19

  1. Hello Jessica, Day 19 is great with very solid vomit, i love!

    For the idea of plastic bucket previous same contenance of you’r wc, the big advantage for you with this big plastic bucket is you can go everywhere with it, very interessant for you’r futures scenarios of big vomit mess, you can vomit everywhere at home or outdoor…

    Love, Mélanie g


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