My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 20


vom 20 cover puke

In store for you today, I have 7.26 minutes of pure bikini puking glory!  This sexy puking video is hot and steamy – you wont believe how big my stuffed belly can become when I overeat.

stuffed belly vomit 20

The camera angles are totally amazing.  There is a great view of my cleavage whilst puking a great big stream of thick vomit:-

vom 20 emetophilic puke

There is also two shots where my hand is covered with puke and looking lovely:-

vom 20 puke hand covered

You even see the bits of different coloured food in the brown stream.  I ate plenty of dark chocolate, giving my vomit its exclusive colour:-

vom 20 puke photo

As usual, I have a close-up of my sexy stomach movements:-

vom 20 puke

And also there is a general overview shot, as well as many others:-

vom 20 puking video

Please feel free to purchase this hot puke video – £5.99 for a 30 day rental, and £39.99 to purchase. Enjoy!

I love all of you.

Jessica x

4 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 20

  1. Hello Jessica,
    I’m you’r first girlfriend fan of you because i’m emetophile like you (the pleasure by vomit), Day 20 is WONDERFULL! So now hear me babe, change you’r scenarios, with great bucket for exemple, it’s an great advantage that you can move everywhere, not only you’r wc, for still more and more vomit mess but not in you’r wc because it’s always the same scenario, i think it’s a good thing, change and for me i never stop to buy you’r videos! Kiss babe,

    Love, Mélanie g (from France)


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