My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 21

I have another fabulous puking video in today’s diary entry.  I’m wearing my turquoise bikini, and I ate lots of dark and white chocolate, plus cereal and I drank plenty of liquid.

You will notice that at the beginning of my vomiting sessions, my puke comes out easily, fast and very runny. As time goes on and I advance further into my session, the vomit becomes harder for me to get out, the puke is thicker and with each retch, there is less.

I guess this has something to do with gravity. The thick chunks of food float to the bottom of my stomach, while the runny, lighter watery bits stay at the top and hence come out first.

vom 21 puke pics photos vomit

Now this video shows much of my face, and is especially erotic as you can see part of my facial expressions as I inspect the vomit I have just puked up. I really enjoy puking and the look of my own vomit, and you can see the look of enjoyment on my face.

There is also a shot where you can see my cleavage whilst puking:-


Like usual, my stomach contractions are on show as I’m vomiting:


I remember one time I ate a pepperoni sandwich at Pleasurewood Hills in Lowestoft (it’s a fairground).  I went on a few rides, including the viking boat and a rollercoaster, as well as a few others which spin you around.  After I came off the most hardcore anti-gravity one I could barely walk because I felt so ill.  It felt like my stomach was in my throat.  I felt dizzy and queasy, and the bin was so attractive to me, that I delicately and slowly walked up to it and emptied the contents of my stomach.  I still felt pukey for the rest of the day, and refrained from any more rides!

Please feel free to purchase this hot puke video – £5.99 for a 30 day rental, and £39.99 to purchase. Enjoy!

Love to everyone out there reading this,

Jessica x

One thought on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 21

  1. Hello my dear Jessica, you’r vomit sessions are more and more beautifull and sexy, continue for all you’r fans, me the first girl! This Day 21 is a must!

    I kiss a lot you’r stuffed belly!

    Love, Mélanie g.


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