My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 22 Bucket Special

Hello everyone!

So for today’s post, I have changed things around and hottened things up! Mélanie from France has asked me so many times to puke into a bucket, not the toilet, that I just could not refuse her any longer!!

So this video is very different from all the others so far, because the camera angles are different because a bucket you can pick up and move around, unlike a toilet!!

vom 22 bucket of puke emetophiles

I find it odd when I start puking up my dinner, when I see bits of my breakfast and lunch too!! I guess that’s what happens when your body gets so used to vomiting, it expects it, and so doesn’t bother digesting any more! (Yes, I know its called gastroparesis but there’s no point taking life too seriously!)

The way you see my body move whilst I vomit is very sexy. I start off kneeling in front of the bucket to puke, with a great view of my boobs in my orange bikini. My puke stream is really powerful and forceful.  You also see the puke all over my hand and the chunks of food on my hand.  The beginning of the video starts with a view of my stuffed belly like usual:-

vom 22 stuffed belly emetophilia

And the film continues with lots of retching and puking into the green bucket. No one else pukes like this on the internet ever, and I don’t know anyone who produces this many videos.  The puke fest ends with me pouring my puke down the toilet. Total madness! No words give this video justice!

vom 22 cover puking video

My dinner was chicken soup with potatoes and carrot (look out for the regurgitated carrot in the video):-

vom 22 dinner

Which I magically transformed into this:

bucket puke

Can you see the little piece of carrot on the rim of the bucket?!

Please feel free to purchase this hot puke video – £5.99 for a 30 day rental, and £39.99 to purchase. Enjoy!

Take care

Love to all

Jessica x

4 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 22 Bucket Special


    Thank you Jessica for this dedicace i’m glad ans i think all you’r others fans also!

    I like you’r bikini… and at a time you make an incredible burps i never hear a burp like that!

    Continue, continue, continue and always more and more sexy and very abondant with fantastics projectiles of vomit! This day 22 is for me you’r best vomit session since the first!

    Great wet kiss on you’r stuffed belly stomach my babe!

    LOVE… Mélanie g.


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