My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 23 Bucket Special

Hello everyone!
So I seem to have garnered a new nickname – I have been called the Goddess of Puke so many times, I almost respond to it!  I love it haha!
vom 23 cover
Well just lately I’ve been disappointed – I used to go to the gym and instead of working out, I would just use my gym membership to buy binge food from their cafe.  It was fantastic for me because my dad pays for my gym membership, which includes him paying for any food I buy in their café.  And they had the best binge food ever – including delicious cakes and chocolate.  I spent around 250 euros there in one month, and now my dad found out what’s been going on, he has cancelled my gym membership!  Serves me right, I suppose!
vom 23 puke emetophile
I have another great puking video up for grabs.  In this video, I didn’t realise, but apparently my bikini bottoms are soooo far down we almost see what you’re not supposed to!  Just almost though. And I have also been complimented on the way my boobs are showing in my leopard print bikini.
vom 23 emetophiles site
There are a variety of sexy camera angles including one that focuses on my stomach movements:

So for today’s vomiting video, my dinner was steak, onions, peas, beans and chips:

dinner leopard

Which basically led to my stomach looking like this:-


And to make my stomach small again, I had to dispense of this sexy puke:

vom 23 puke bucket emetophiliavom 23 puke emetophile

The beginning and the end of the video show a short tour around my stuffed belly, which later becomes my empty belly. There is plenty of burping, retching and puking into a bucket.  I hope you enjoy this fantastic puke video!

Love from Jessica x

4 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 23 Bucket Special

  1. Hello my beautiful Jessica,

    Mouaouw what a big sexy vomit session! One good thing, we hear more you’r great burps and projectiles vomit in the plastic bucket witch is a veritable resonnance case, it’s really impressionnant in comparation with wc, really only advantages with a bucket! You can move it everywhere and when you put all you’r massive vomit in the wc at the end, too much sexy!

    I have another idea, at the beginning of you’rs futures incredible videos in bucket, you show us you’r wonderful stuffed belly stomach, can you put you’r hands on it and mass or caress it? It will be very very sexy and if you can filmed it a little more longer with you’r hands! Another idea (it’s sunday) lol i don’t work, i’m cool, can you in the same time making greats burps but without vomit? I make that with my girlfriend (hands on stuffed belly and burps without vomit, after naturally you beging you’r big vomit session… What do you think about my ideas?

    But naturally it’s only you who deciding!

    Love and kiss everywhere Jessica (you’r boobs are wonderful, you have really a perfect body)!

    Mélanie g.


    1. Hello Melanie,
      I love your suggestions! That is a great idea! I have four more videos I have already filmed and I need to release, (I’ve been busy this week with work), but on the next video I film, that is what I will do. What a great idea! Thank you so much.
      Love you lots
      Jessica x


  2. Hi Jessica, I was wondering if you can make a video of you sticking your fingers down your throat as far as you stick your toothbrush?


    1. Hi there,
      Good idea – I shall try this very soon! I’m not sure how much success I will have, but I think it is a good idea to try it out. Thanks so much for the suggestion.
      Love Jessica x


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