My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 24 + Bonus Bit


I hope you are all enjoying my vomiting puke journal as much as I am writing and filming it!  Puking is the best and sexiest fun you could ever have!!  It’s really great when couples come out about it and are open with the truth behind their fetishes.

vom 24 cover cleavage puke emetophilia    vom 24 puke sexy video

I hope you all appreciate how hard I work for these videos – I mean, I spend more money on food than I do on anything else, including on rent.  No, hang on…I spend my rent money on food.  Yes, that’s right!

Anyway, back to business…I am wearing a sexy navy blue bikini in today’s release. I ate so so much that you just won’t believe it!  I wanted to give my puke extra projectile force, and at the beginning, the stream of puke coming out my mouth is HUGE and also very watery.

Here is a still shot of the huge stream coming out:

vom 24 puke sexy video bucket vomit emetophilia emetophile thick stream

There are also some great puking positions including from the side which are very sexy:

vom 24 puke sexy video bucket vomit emetophilia emetophile

I ate plenty of portuguese cakes:

vom 24 cakes vomit puke

And for dinner I had pork chops with plenty of potatoes and peas. I made sure I ate plenty of peas so you can see the peas in my puke.

vom 24 dinner

For the bonus bit, I drank plenty of fizzy water just before I had finished my puking session.  This meant, that, at the end, instead of struggling to get vomit out and taking ages to retch, I suddenly had a good flow of mainly water.  The water mixed in my stomach with whatever was left, so it came out a light colour and rested on top of the other puke, and you can really see the difference:-

vom 24 puke sexy video bucket vomit emetophilia

To finish off the video, you see me pouring the puke down the toilet:

vom 24 puke sexy video bucket vomit

The video is just over nine minutes long! Due to this bonus material, the price is £1 more than usual for rental.  And don’t forget to look out for those peas! Enjoy!

Take care of yourselves

Love Jessica x

One thought on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 24 + Bonus Bit

  1. Hello Jessica,

    Still a very great vomit session this Day 24! So sexy solid vomit and more liquid after drink fizzy water.

    Bucket is more hard than wc and the sound is so sexy different, we hear when the vomit splash into and very resonnance, it’s too sexy sounds and burps are incredibles!

    For you’r futures great videos, you think before started vomit stay more standing and more filmed you’r stuffed belly stomach with you’r two hands mass and caress it? My God it will be too much sexy and in the same time longs burps without vomit, you’r hands feel the vibrations of you’r stuffed belly, i think you will take a lot of pleasure to make that and for you’r fans like me (number one first girl), too much sexy like an orgasm lol.

    Love Jessica, i wait with impatience…

    Mélanie g.


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