My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 26

So, as you all know, puking really turns me on.  I am an emetophile, like you, so I find vomiting really hot.  I now can only do this by sticking a toothbrush down my throat, but before I learnt this successful and hot method, I was desperate to puke so I resorted to a different method.

vom 26 puke close up photo pics vomit emetophilia vomiting

I was using some kind of bitter spray that kept the dogs from chewing on the furniture. It was grapefruit extract. Oh my word!! I used to binge like crazy and spray a little under my tongue, I barely had time to lean my head down without vomit flying out. Honestly the nastiest thing I’ve ever tasted. I think it’s called Fooey Ultra Bitter Spray but I would never, ever ever try it again or even give it to an animal.  So foul, but great for puking.  Personally, I prefer my friendly toothbrush.  At least when I go travelling with my family, my parents won’t question my taking a toothbrush with me, whereas they would certainly question why I was carrying furniture spray for the dogs!!

vom 26 puke close up photo pics vomit emetophilia

Anyhow, I had a little ‘accident’ this morning.  So, as you can imagine, even though I am now puking in a bucket due to popular demand, I still pour my vom down the loo.  This means that literately around 2 to 3 litres of pure vomit gets poured down my toilet nearly everyday.  I’m now on my 26th video, and will soon be on my 30th, so that’s quite a lot of puke, as you can imagine. I was busy puking my guts up last night – I had a barbecue – pepper, chicken, potatoes and mac and cheese….Well…guess what?  This morning it finally clogged up, but I didn’t notice until I smelled something pukey and saw that it had backflowed into my sink. Yeah, there was a smelly, nasty pile of gone-off vomit waiting in the sink for me. That was great to clean :/

This is the sexy fresh stuff:-

vom 26 puke close up photo pics vomit emetophilia vom

So for today’s challenge, try and pick out the bits of burnt barbecue in my puke.  I ate lots of black burn chicken skin, burnt potato skin, and also red pepper.  The black burnt bits really stick out, as does the red pepper.

Here is a sexy still shot from the video with my puke coming out and cleavage simultaneously on display:-

vom 26 puke close up photo pics vomit emetophilia emetophiles

And this is what my stuffed belly looked like at the beginning of the video:-

vom 26 puke belly stuffing photo pics vomit emetophilia emetophiles

You can also see my sexy stomach movements as I vomit:

vom 26 puke close up photo pics vomit emetophilia emetophile

Anyway, you lucky things don’t get to see the gone-off puke; you get to see the lovely and sexy fresh stuff that is still warm.  Yes, it’s warm, and when you touch the bucket where the puke is sitting, it is just under body temperature.  So hot.  This sexy vid is available to purchase for £6.99 only.  No rental available.  This means a lifetime viewing!!

One thought on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 26

  1. Hello Jessica,

    mouah you’r Day 26 is FANTASTIC!!! I see you have change you’r bucket, now it’s blue not green, you have nettoyed the green? I conseil you to do that, always alterne beetwen change you’r bucket when the other one is on the wash machine. So you’r vomit sessions are more and more hard and i love, it’s damage you don’t leave in France, don’t vorry you’r videos are most and most hard, i love that! EAT MORE! your’s fans like me first girl, want inventions of you, and i know you have a great imagination emetophile lke me who’s like you! Go to much eat and you’r vomit sessions where too hummm Roman showers!

    Love Jessica, Mélanie g.


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