My vomiting Puke Journal: Day 28

So tonight was the worst night ever, I was at my aunt’s house when I decided to binge big time and thought I would vomit once home, but my mother calls and says me and my brother have to sleep there. PANIC. My aunt and my uncle are the most suspicious people ever and always, always check on me to make sure I don’t puke. And of course I would have never wanted to purge while they were in the house…but I just couldn’t resist another puke fest! So I locked myself in the kitchen pretending to study and vomited as fast and silently as possible into a plastic bag. My aunt had to take something from the kitchen at one point though, so I had to hide everything like a ninja and have her shout at me because I locked the door (all this while thinking “oh god please dont look under the chair I beg you”, and this happened about three times, she then took the key with her and said she gave me 20 minutes to come to bed. 

I continued purging into the plastic bag but with my back on the door in case someone tried to open it. I thought i finished so i closed the plastic bag and put it in my own handbag, but then i thought to myself “i didnt get anywhere near to enough out” so I vomited again in a breakfast mug but it went all over the floor and I was panicking, then i went to empty the mug into the sink but suddenly heard footsteps getting closer, and I did it: Out of total panic and desperation I poured the puke out of the window and could hear a loud “splash” when it touched the ground.
Its probably been the most stressful puke fest in my life and i know i could only get a part of it up because of the critical situation, but if I had purged for just one more minute I would have been dead…now im looking forward to see all the vomit splashes in the street when i leave for work tomorrow lol!

Of course I didn’t film that puking episode because I was in panic mode, but I do have an entry in my diary for last night. Check out the force behind this stream:-

I got dressed up in a bright orange bikini (Mélanie’s favourite) and my belly was really stuffed, as shown at the beginning of the video. There are more close ups of my stomach as I’m puking:-

The puke is so thick and sexy, and the vid has great close ups of me vomiting. Towards the end, there is an especially fab closeup of my puke.


I hope you all enjoy this vid as much as I did making it!

Love Jessica X

One thought on “My vomiting Puke Journal: Day 28

  1. Hello Jessica,

    This Day 28 is FANTASTIC, really, you’r videos are more and more sexy vomiting.

    Poor babe with the story with you’r familly, it’s not a problem, you make what you wan’t, cool.

    Thanks for you’r bright orange bikini, yes it’s my favorite (very sexy, i imagine you’r beautifull boobs…). The long passage of you’r enormus stomach contration is perfectly filmed, you’r camera is exactly placed and my god what a sexy video of you’r stomach, it’s incredible!!! Continue in you’r futures videos more and more sexy and spectacular! I think definitively than bucket must always be in you’r videos and at the end with you’r finger we see the quantity of vomit and when you put the vomit on wc, it’s too too sexy!

    Can you eat and drink more and more for the future? I think you’r stomach can support!

    Love Jessica, you’r The Puke Queen of internet!

    I wait with impatience like always you’r futures videos more ans more sexy!

    Mélanie g.


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