My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 29 – Gone Vegan


So today is day 29! That means that tomorrow will be day 30!!  That’s like a coming of age! I’m leaving the 20s 😆

So yesterday I was at work, like usual, and I decided I would have a bit of emetophilic fun during my lunch break. For some reason, and probably because I’ve now got so used to puking in a bucket, but I suddenly decided I couldn’t handle the toilet at work (apparently I have standards lol) . I also thought someone might look through the rubbish bin/garbage plus I thought I heard voices and maybe my boss had come by, so I had to sneak it out to the outside bins/garbage cans.

So I sneaked out of the school where I work, and walked a short distance down the road. I made eye contact with a woman who was vacuuming the carpet in the bank and as I pulled the triple-bagged loot from my backpack I suddenly, fervently prayed that she wouldn’t think I was dropping a bomb in the garbage can and call the police or something. I mean it was late at night and I was just, pulling some random heavy-looking bag out of my backpack and dropping it off casually in a bin/garbage can outside of a bank. That’s what terrorists do, right? Then I skidaddled.

Oh my goodness!!  What if they did look?!?? A bag of puke!!

So for today’s video, I start off with another suggestion from Mélanie – I tease you all by touching and feeling my bloated belly:-

I then go on to puking my guts up. You will love the way the second and third streams hit the side of the bucket.  You’ve never seen anything like it!!

There is a real close up of my stomach movements as I vomit:-

And right at the end the way I drop the puke in the toilet – there’s soooo much puke and such lovely pieces of food. Can you see the baked beans in my puke here??

 The red bits are grapes – they are obviously the grape skins.  I ate a vegan meal to cater for my vegan friends –  I had baked beans, peas, tofu and some red grapes for dessert.  I also ate corn and rice based cereals with soy milk to make it vegan.

And my boobs are looking really sexy at the beginning as I vomit:-

 So you’ll love this vegan vomiting video.  It’s teasing and sexy!

Love from Jessica X

2 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 29 – Gone Vegan

  1. Hello Jessica,

    I’m glad you love my ideas for you’r videos, thank you, i have a lot off anothers you want? I’m emetophile girl like you, very hard, i’m ready to go in usa to see you… 2 girls emetophiles together or you came to Paris wouahou! It’s Halloween in USA, i think will a great idea to make a enormous vomit session lol!

    Love you Jessica…

    Mélanie g.


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