My vomiting Puke Journal: Day 30

Hello world!

So today I’m going to share with the world my experience of when I puked naturally without a toothbrush in a public place. I was really drunk one Saturday night back in my home town in England, (this was about 2-years ago) and it was about 8:30pm and I was in Asda (24hr supermarket like Walmart). I was off my face and needed to puke, and for some strange reason, I thought it would be a good idea to puke behind a shelf in an aisle. I actually thought no one would notice.

After I did the deed, I kind of hovered nearby watching anxiously to see if anyone would notice. A child saw it and thought that a can of something had burst and he started to play with it. His mother told him not to play with the spilt peaches and she wiped his hands on her jeans! I was standing at the end of the aisle watching in between hyperventilating and dying of laughter!!

So today I have a new camera angle; This one shows the front of my stomach as I’m puking, and you can see all the different sexy moves and shapes my stomach forms including:-

And also this shape:-

Amongst loads more!

This is what my bloated stuffed belly looks like as I seductively caress it at the beginning of today’s puking video:-

As you can see, I’m wearing a sexy nightie and cute thongs in the vid. This is me vomiting into the bucket with cleavage on show:-

This is what my sexy Vom looks like at the end of my emetophilic puking session:-

My dinner was chicken, baked beans and chips:

vom 30 dinner

This is by far the best and sexiest puking video yet! It is just over ten minutes long so it’s really good value for money. Enjoy.

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Much love

Jessica x

2 thoughts on “My vomiting Puke Journal: Day 30

  1. Hello Jessica,

    Really you’r Day 30 is for me the best of you’r vomit videos from Day 1.
    Yes you’r caress with you’r hand you’r stuffed belly stomach is too much sexy, if you want in you’r futures videos put you’r two hands and caress you’r stuffed belly in erotic mode, mass it slowly and more long, it will be very artistic and sexy (with a big burp before you’r vomit session). Waou so sexy you’r tenue, be carefful than elastic of you’r string breack looooool!

    The most beautiful of this vomit session is inconstatibility you’r camera placed just not at a corner but in front of you’r stuffed belly, we show alls you’r stomach contractions very hard, i see you’r stomach is very muscled with greats abominals it’s impressionnant and passionnant to see it! Continue to put you’r camera in front of you’r stuffed belly not the corner it’s a very good idea of you, congratulations! But naturally it’s not me who decide but only you!

    I think really you’r stomach can contain 3 much food and drink, you will like a girl pregnant of 9 months but when all you’r vomit go in bucket it will be normal and beautiful what do you thing of this idea? Always more, it’s not 1/4 of it plenty but more, perhaps in one of you’r futures videos the bucket will full of vomit, you accept this challenge?

    And don’t forget to caress it with you’r two hands very sensually and slowly more long in the video and naturally very sexy tenue and don’t forget, the camera in front of you’r stuffed belly when you vomit, i think if you do all that i think all the World “Jessica the Queen of puke”!

    I kiss you, Love, Mélanie g.


    1. Hi Mel
      Thank you so much for your feedback. I always love all your ideas. Yes, you’re right – I need to touch and caress my stuffed stomach more and much more slowly!
      I’m not sure if I could fill my bucket up to a quarter – yes, I accept this challenge and I will certainly try it haha!
      Unfortunately when my belly is full, I can’t burp much – I need air and room in my belly to be able to burp, and when my belly is full, there is no air and no room for burping!! Such a shame. You may have noticed I normally only burp towards the end of my videos when my stomach is more empty and there’s more room for air to burp haha!
      Thanks again for your feedback,
      Much love and kisses,
      Jessica x


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