My Vomiting puke Journal: Day 32 NEW LOW PRICE


I have two huge pieces of news to share with you!

Firstly, today’s video is super sexy and long – 12 mins and 28 seconds long but the price is £1.99 only for a 30 day rental!  I’ve never ever lowered the price so much! The lifetime purchase price is only £5.99!!  PLUS there’s a bonus bit where I drank some fizzy water half way through purging so my vom completely changes form. Here is the water coming out on top of the brown puke:-

Secondly, the huge news is that I have started my own social parody network for everyone to share sexy emetophilic resources on – !! Its purpose is to serve the emetophile community and for everyone to join in and chat, share experiences and resources.  Now this site is with a difference – anyone is allowed to join, upload content, discuss and chat about emetophilia and our emetophilic experiences etc, without any silly rules like ‘you’re not allowed to advertise etc etc’.  The only rule is everyone needs to be polite and respectful to each other.

This is important because I myself am not only the admin, but I’m also a key content creator, producer and contributor in the emetophile community, meaning that I am now uploading one to two minute clips of ALL of my puking videos.  Yes, you heard it here first.  I’m uploading short teaser clips of all of my puking videos!  These can be found NOWHERE else – not even on my youtube account.  Please be patient as these videos seem to take a while to upload, and they seem to take a few days to show on the  site.

My username is Pukinggirl and this social parody network is only one day old, so understand that we are all currently collaborating together to build the network up, meaning that content is still sparse and is being added daily.

From today’s sexy vid:
 In the future I will also be distributing discount codes for the purchases of my own videos for the most active members of this social network site.  And by Jove I’m so excited!!

In addition to all this, I just wanted to share with you a recent experience…about three months ago, I had a huge binge on Thai Noodles. I was in the bathroom and since I was closer to the sink than the toilet (STUPID STUPID) I vommed all my noodles into the sink. When I tried to wash it down the sink, it completely flooded right up and I completely freaked and tried to pull noodles out of the sink drain with my half my arms in noodle puke water. But when that didn’t work, I started to frantically try to unclog it with the toilet plunger while saying “oh no, oh no!!” I must have been making quite a noise because my parents came running in and everyone’s faces were just like “What? But why?” I was very embarrassed!

So check out some super sexy stills from today’s video:-

You can really see the way my stomach moves around whilst I’m vomiting:-

And here is a side view of my belly taken from today’s video:-

Plus at the beginning I show off and sexily caress my hot stuffed belly:-

And of course it is really hot and steamy when I pour all my sexy vomit down the toilet at the end:-

Don’t forget to buy this sexy vomit video now, and join my social network, come hang out with me, and we can all share our fantasies and fetishes!  Just remember, that puking videos like mine are found NOWHERE else on the internet 😉

Feel free to visit my twitter page, my instagram account and add me as a facebook friend.

I love you all,

Jessica x

6 thoughts on “My Vomiting puke Journal: Day 32 NEW LOW PRICE

  1. Would you be able to make a video where you weigh your puke (e.g. weigh bucket before and after puking in it) without video-cuts to see how much weight you can unload in one go? It would be amazing.

    I would definitely buy it!



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