My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 33

Hello everyone

I’m back!!

I’m only small and petite (I weigh 50kgs or 110lbs) but I can vomit HUGE amounts!! And it’s all in the name of sexy fun!

I can eat loads and make my belly grow from 26 inches to 34-35 inches. Here is me caressing my sexy stuffed belly in my latest video:-

So as you can see, in today’s hot puking video, I’m not wearing a bikini, instead I’m wearing sexy underwear! You will love the way I lift up my nightie to show my stuffed belly and the top of my thongs. Very very sexy indeed and very teasing!

Today’s vomiting video also has a magnificent view of my boobs where they almost look nude where they are “freer” than usual. And this is a snippet of my latest video where you can see me puking into a bucket of vomit, specifically this is a bit of spit mixed with Vom coming out my mouth and hanging down:-

This vid has lots of hot close-ups of my stomach working whilst I’m puking, and this vid includes my new camera angle, which shows my knickers together with my sexy pukey belly movements. Sooo sexy!

   You’re going to love today’s video with lots of vomit, burping and general sexiness. The video ends with a look over my puke, and then I pour it down the toilet.  It’s a fantastic show like always! £5,99 for a 30 day rental, and £39.99 for a lifetime purchase.

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Much love,

Jessica x

One thought on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 33

  1. Hello Jessica,

    Wonderfull video off you’r vomit session Day 33.

    I love too much you’r two hands caress you’r stuffed belly before vomit, it’s very sensual and erotic. In you’r future video, since caress you’r vacuum belly stomach after the session, it’s wil be so sexy…

    Love my girlfriend from USA, you’r the puke queen of the World, it’s sure now!

    Mélanie g


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