My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 34 + Bonus

Hello everybody!

vom 34 woman vomiting puke vomit sexy puking barf emetophilia

Today I wanted to share with you a puke story from when I was a teenager.  When I was 14, I spent the night at my best friend’s house from school.  Well, you know my personality, I’m outgoing, and we were having a hoot all night, UNTIL my very first migraine struck, oh my, I wanted to die!  I was only 14 for Pete’s sake!  So we’re up in her room, I was in her sister’s twin bed and she was in her own (they shared a room, but her sis was at her own friends that night).  So we’re laying in our respective beds, trying to get to sleep, and then BAM, the feeling hits, I just knew I was going to vomit. I sat up, and was like “Get me a bin!”  My friend didn’t really understand so she just laid there and asked “what?” but then it just started exploding all over her sisters bed!  But the funny part is that it was pitch black, and Lily had no clue what that noise was (me puking) and she completely, dead seriously asked me if i was wrinkling up tin foil!  We are still friends to this day and we still laugh about that.

vom 34 woman vomiting puke vomit sexy

So, talking about forceful vomiting, you won’t believe the force of the vomit in this video! I had a two day break from puking to reset my gag reflex, and you can really see the difference! It’s like a waterfall!! I woke up in the morning with a bit of dried puke stuck to my forehead, proving the strength of the vomit stream because as it hit the bucket, it came right back up at me!!  This how full I became:

vom 34 stuffed belly woman vomiting video

I was set a challenge by Mel to try and make myself as full as physically possible, without tearing anything, and to look 9months pregnant.  I admit, I don’t look 9 months pregnant here, but this is probably about the fullest I can get.  Part of the challenge was to also to make my bucket as full as possible, and to fill it up to a quarter full.  I believe I managed this, but you need to judge for yourself.  In order to make the bucket fuller, I added some bonus material – AKA I drank 2.5 pints of fizzy water as I was nearing the end of my puking session, then vomited that up too.  You can really see the difference in the colour and consistency of my vomit!

And here are some of my stomach expressions as I’m trying to empty my stomach:

vom 34 woman vomiting puke vomit sexy puking barf

vom 34 woman vomiting puke vomit sexy puking

Today’s puking vid is another amazing video for sure! You’ll never get tired of this, with me bent over the bucket like this getting rid of everything inside me. The puke is sooooo lovely. You’ll love the look of this vomit, and the way it looked inside the bucket, especially in the beginning.

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All my love,

Jessica x

4 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 34 + Bonus

  1. Hello Jessica,

    This vomit session Day 34 is simply perfect! The begenning with you’r two hands caress you’r stuffed belly is absolutly so sexy and erotic, the perfection!

    I see in this video you’r projectiles vomit are powerfull and violent in the becket (great contenance at the end).

    You’r stomach contractions are incredibles (my secret dream is to put my hear on it when you puke) you wan’t?

    Continue like that, you’r videos of you’r vomit sessions are more and more beautifull, sexy (i love this bikini my second choice after the orange bright one (the best mouahhh) lol.

    I say now you have ready for our pation together, emetophilie (sexual pleasure by the vomit) not voyeurism, emetophilie is you’r passion and me too!

    I wait with impatience you’r future sessions, you’r the Puke Queen of the World but emetophile not from porn, emetophilie is our (i repete) passion together, not from business but by passion!

    Love Jessica, take care.

    Mélanie g.


    1. Hi Mel
      Thank you for your message. I’m so pleased you’re still enjoying my videos. You are a great encourager!
      Yes, it would be great for you to listen to my stomach whilst puking – it sounds like erotic fun! Haha yes our passion is emetophilia. So glad you’ve called me the queen of Puke – I’ve been called the goddess of puke before, but never the Queen of Puke!
      With much love and kisses,
      Jessica x


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