My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 35 Playing with Puke Special

So today you’re in for a new surprise!

In today’s puking video, I’ve shaken things up! I puke into a large Pyrex dish which has a large surface area. This means instead of puking into a bucket, my vomit is more prominently on display.

There are some great close up shots of me puking, – focusing on the puke coming out my mouth, and a couple of times I puke onto my hand. I ate a kiwi, and at one stage, I point out a huge chunk of kiwi in my puke.

vom 35 cover

 This was part of my dinner as well as bran flakes and lots of other unhealthy snacks including white chocolate and cranberry cookies:-

The video contains shots of me sexily caressing my stuffed belly, at the beginning, then I move on to puking up the contents of my stomach with plenty of close up shots, and of course I show the way my stomach moves as I’m vomiting:-

I then proceed to give you a close-up tour of my puke in the casserole dish, and I then start to play with the vomit with my hands. This video is also unusual in the sense that I talk a small amount, saying what bits of the puke are the food items I have eaten.  I also capture myself cleaning up the splashes of puke around the full and heaving casserole dish, then I flush it all away, and I show you where I have spilt puke on the floor.

Here is some of my playing with the vom:


Rental price (for 30 days) is £9.99 and purchase price is £49.99.  This is a really unusual and hot puking video that lasts 12 mins and 36 seconds, with lots of sexy close ups and me playing with my puke!  You’ll love it!

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Take care,

Jessica x

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