My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 36 Vom on Arms


So I’m really enjoying myself at the mo – I’ve started to make special videos where I play with my puke.  My first video was Day 35 where I played with it with my hands.

In this second video…well, I’ve taken it to the next level…you see me putting the puke all over my arms and spreading it all around my arms.

I spread it all over and all the way up my arms, and you see huge lumps of chicken in my puke. I purposefully didn’t chew too well.  This video is great for everyone, and whilst shooting, I had in mind those with arm fetishes.

This was my dinner:

bbq sauce.jpg

And these were some snacks I had to make the vomit extra thick:

File 08-11-2015, 18 41 08.jpeg

But before that, I have another puke story for you: so my mum and dad took me, my brother and my two cousins to the fayre… well my dad and boy cousin went for food, then us females went with mum to go ride rides… do you know the ride “one thousand and one notches” ?? well, we were all little and very young, so while we were getting measured by the gate to see if we were tall enough to ride, SPLAT, SPLITTER, SPLAT…. on all of us. It turns out some boy just ate a bunch of chili dogs and corn dogs right before getting on… we weren’t drenched but it was splattered in our hair, on our jackets, it smelled so foul.  We were able to clean up in the bathroom and have a good day… but I will NEVER forget the smell of his vomit. It is forever locked in my memory.

 Rental price (for 30 days) is £9.99 and purchase price is £49.99.  This video is 14 minutes and 53 seconds long.  There are lots of puke close ups throughout the video, and I really focus on the puke coming out of my mouth, so there is a part where you almost see into my mouth, and you really see the vom come tumbling out:-

After all this puking (into two glass bowls because I filled up the first one so quickly), the camera focuses on my stomach movements – both frontal head on stomach movements.  I’m wearing a sexy red bra and lace knickers.  You can see here where some of the puke splashed up on my bra::-

Then, I mix the two bowls of puke together, and I spread the puke all over my arms:-

Plus a  closeup:-

Then, after I’ve had my fun, I have a quick clean up of the pukey bathroom, and pour it all down the toilet.  This video is really hot and sexy and pukey. You can buy it here:-

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With all my love and hugs,

Jessica x

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