My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 37 Puke on Face

So as you all know, I love puking, and just lately I’ve been experimenting a bit more; playing with my puke etc.

A couple of days ago, I was privately puking (I wasn’t filming it) but not enough was coming up, so to make myself gag and puke a bit more, I decided to tempt myself into puking by putting some of the vomit back in my mouth.  I accidently swallowed it (it was oatmeal/watery vom), and it tasted delicious – just as good as when I swallowed it the first time round!

So today, for fun, I smeared my vom all over my chin and my cheeks after I finished puking.  I dip my chin in the puke, and rub it into my cheeks – totally breathtaking and very sexy.

Basically, to start off with, I place the bowl on top of the toilet so I can bend over it and gravity helps me to puke – it was too hard when I was puking into a bucket on the floor because my stomach wasn’t the highest part of me, so gravity hardly got involved to help me vomit.  Also, this way, you get a nice view when I’m bent forward.

Today I’m wearing sexy underwear – a white bra and white thongs.  You see my behind a bit at the beginning of the video when I show you my stuffed belly because I turn around slightly.

The camera angles are very close to the puke streams and my vom.  There is a nice view of the stream from the beginning when it’s at its thickest. For the first minute and a half, the hurls are very forceful and violent – this is really hot and this vid contains some of my better streams.

The camera also focuses on real closeups of my puke in the casserole bowl:-

After finishing puking, with plenty of side and frontal closeups of my stomach contractions, I then proceed to spread ithe vom all over my face – and it gets really stringy from the saliva and stomach acid in my puke:-

This is 9.99 for rental or £49.99 to buy and is really steamy and hot.

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Love from Jessica x

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