My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 38 Focus on Feet

So just to share with all you lovely people the fun I had last night.

So I puked up my dinner of roast chicken, roast potatoes and peas:

For pudding, I had white chocolate plus some museli and other snacks:

After all the fun I had last night, I went to work this morning and only realized after a few hours that I had dried vomit on my cheek near the jawline!  It didn’t smell at all, but I did wonder if anyone noticed!

As you may know, it suddenly turned cold in Europe since yesterday (yes, it’s even cold in Portugal!)  And while I was puking last night, it was so cold in my bathroom that you can see steam coming off my vom.  You can see the steam in my vid.

So this video starts with teasing rubbing of my tummy.  There is a lot of passion and teasing.

The vomit is kinda exploding out of me in the beginning – literately smoking hot! As usually it’s such a huge stream in the very beginning! The puke seems to come sooo easily in this one – I barely have to stick my toothbrush down me!  The view of my boobs are great as usual because the camera is close to me, bent over in an angle like this:-

You then get to see strong and forceful movements of my tummy. I’m told it is awesome to see me bent over from side and the upwards movement at the exact moment I puke:-

I then have a new camera angle – the view from behind me is fun! You see my behind (not naked – in a leopard print bikini), and you actually see the puke coming out of me at the same time. I think this is one of my best views ever:-

And then… (drumroll please, maestro) I have a nice and long footbath in my vomit! Don’t need to say anything more! I play around with the puke with my feet, and I pick out a puked up pea on my toe. I also rub the vom over my feet  and ankles using my feet.

At the end, you see what my stomach looks like the day after (this morning).  So, to see all of this sexy puking activity, you can see this vomit video for £9.99 to rent for 30 days or £49.99 to buy:-

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Love n hugs

Jessica x

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