My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 39 Puke on Leg


Today we have a change of scenery!  Instead of puking in the bathroom, I decided to puke in my living room!  I have also completely different camera angles in this video, and none of my usual angles. The only angles which are the same are the beginning and the end of the video – the close ups of my stuffed belly and the view of my pouring my vomit down the toilet.

So on the nights I decide to make a video, obviously I have to eat quite alot of food. If I’m eating with other people, such as friends and family, I eat four times the amount they do & they just look at me like  I’m crazy. And this is exactly what happened just before I shot this video. They thought a famine was coming.

Today’s video has a common theme running through it – the camera is placed at different angles behind me.  The angles vary slightly to my left and right sides.  I also have a side view of me puking.

I also put my left hand on my stomach to help with the vomming (Mel’s genius idea!)  I then proceed to play with the vomit for a short while, and I spread the puke all over my leg, and rub it in:-

This video is 9 minutes long, and I have lowered the price to £5.99 to rent for 30 days, and £39.99 for a lifetime purchase. It is so different from my other vids – in the beginning I am holding my stomach to help me vom – something I’ve never done before. I have lots of new camera angles from behind, I rub the puke into my leg, and I’m filming in my sitting room!  Here is the sexy vomiting video which you’ll find is HOT:-

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Love Jessica x




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