Emetophilia: Puking over a Fellow Emetophile

Hi everybody!

Today’s blogpost is like no other; so much so that I haven’t even included it into my sequence of diary entries.  Today’s video features and stars another person!!

Yes, that’s right, a fellow emetophile flew in especially for the experience, and he let me film it. Today, I am puking all over a man’s chest…and he LOVED IT!!

The video doesn’t start in the usual way with me caressing my stuffed belly – the video just starts how it means to go on, with me puking all over a man’s torso.  I filmed the video using my left hand, so you can sometimes see me sticking the toothbrush (my tool) into my mouth, but mainly you just see the puke being vomited all over his chest.

He is sitting up in the bath, and all of the brown vomit just collects in the bath as well as going all over him.  You see me stepping in and out of the bath, and you see close ups of the puke all over his handsome chest.

Halfway through the video, I drink some fizzy water, turning my puke from thick brown vomit into watery vomit.

Afterwards, you see him trying to clean up my vomit, which of course blocked the drain (always happens!) This is my emetophile friend, standing in my brown burger puke:-

And in order to make this video,  I ate my favourite food – Burger King cheese whopper with fries and a smoothie, plus loads of other junk including Portuguese cakes and pastries, ice cream, chocolate and crisps.

This video is available for a limited time only as I will be shortly withdrawing it from my blog and continuing with my sequence of journal entries.  It is 7 minutes long and is £9.99 for 30 days or £39.99 for a lifetime purchase.  Please note, that although we were both naked throughout filming, there is absolutely no nudity shown in any of the film, and also this film is not pornographic in any way.

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I hope you all enjoy this one,

Love Jessica x

5 thoughts on “Emetophilia: Puking over a Fellow Emetophile

  1. Hello Jessica,
    you’r videos are wonderfull and more and more hard for emetophiles, continue, i let on you’r web site a new massage, i encourage you to continue, always more and more emetophile hard vomit sessions, answer me.

    Much love,

    I kiss you’r so beautifull stuffed belly, i’m you’r first girl fan!

    Mélanie g


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