My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 40

Hello everybody!

Just to apologise for my absence over the last week.  Work has been manic and I haven’t had a chance to enjoy myself or have any fun (including puking).  But we can’t all just work and have no fun, can we now?  So last night, I decided to treat myself to some vomiting fun.

I dressed up in a colourful bikini, and i was asked by Mel to stand up, and basically puke all down my chest.  Now, I find this whole idea very challenging – as you know, gravity helps me to puke, so I’ve never puked standing up straight before.

Nevertheless, I gave it a go.

And the puke catapulted across the bathroom.  It made such a mess that I switched to puking into a glass casserole dish (casserole of vomit!)  But not before giving the camera a nice closeup of the puke down my chest, belly and crotch.

There are lots of sexy stomach movements in this video showing you how my belly works as it tries to bring all the puke up, there are some good clevage shots:-

 I have some bonus material where, when nearly finished puking, I vomit up fizzy water, changing the colour and consistency of my vom:-

The shot of my puking from behind has proved successful with my audience, so this is included in this video too:

 I had a dinner of lean chicken breast, roasted potatoes and peas:

With lots of chocolatey snacks:-

This vid is £5.99 for 30 days and is really hot and sexy.  It is 10 mins 46 seconds long. It starts with my bloated, stuffed belly, and ends with a slim, emptied one!!

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Love n kisses

Jessica x

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