My Vomiting Journal:  Day 42 Puking up squid and chocolate milk!

Hello everybody!

It’s getting so close to Christmas and here’s how I’m feeling:-

Yes! That’s my childish excitedness coming out!! So for a change, I thought I would puke up squid, salad and chocolate milk. And in order to celebrate my Christmas spirit, I want to give an early Christmas gift to you all…today’s price is £1.99 for the full 12 minute video!

Also just to remind you that this is your last chance to see me puking over the chest of a man – as I will be taking my “puking over a fellow emetophile” post down shortly.

This was my squid starter (obviously from a restaurant):-

And my main course was tuna salad (omg I love vomiting up lettuce!)

People are still digging the camera angles from behind, so I decided to wear a satin bra and sexy thongs for my puking journal:-

Check out my other new sexy camera angle in thongs:-

There are of course some belly closeups:-

It’s cold this December in Europe at the moment, being winter, so I thought I would wear my nice and warm vomit like a sleeve:-

Yes, that’s right. In this video, I play with my puke, pointing out the various bits of squid tentacles in it amongst other foods I had eaten! And then I bathe my arm in the warm, silky vom!  And all 12 minutes for just £1.99 for rental or £9.99 to buy, because I’m in a good, Christmassy mood:-

Feel free to visit my twitter page and my instagram account, and don’t forget to add me as a facebook friend. Youtube has banned my videos so I don’t really have much on youtube anymore. 

Much festive love,

Jessica x

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