My vomiting puke journal: Day 41


I’m back into the swing of things and on a roll!

To work my way through university, I used to work at Subway in England. Sometimes I would make fancy sandwiches on my break, and then I would eat them, and puke it all up. Well once, I was vomming in the toilet and I didn’t lock the door and a customer walked in and then I had to make said customer a sandwich, it was uber awkward.

So for today’s video, amongst lots of cereal, chocolate, bread and snacks, I at 6 pains au chocolat (in dedication to my French lesbian fans):-

And also I had some chicken thighs for dinner:-

All this eating and stuffing my face was done especially for a spectacular video…day 41 of my vomiting puke journal where I vom with a sexy view from behind:-

and then I smear the puke all over my tummy in the middle of the living room:-

After that, I puke up some puke, and let it fall down my boobs:-

So I made this vid especially for all my French lesbian fans, and I know life has been difficult for them lately due to all the terrorist attacks in France.

This puke video is nearly 11 mins long and is £5.99 for a 30 day rental. It starts off with me passionately rubbing my stuffed belly, almost like a pregnant women cuddling her baby inside the tummy. Then the video proceeds with some awesome puking with a very interesting view. Camera is behind me so you see your behind while I’m bent downwards puking. You also get to see a close up of my face afterwards! It’s vVery sexy the way i help pushing the puke out holding on my tummy, pressing it as i go for it. Then you end it all smearing it all over your tummy and boobs in the livingroom!

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Love Jessica x

One thought on “My vomiting puke journal: Day 41

  1. That’s funny about the encounter with the Subway customer. “Would you like our special sauce, sir?” A few years ago, I was waiting to pay my check at a local cafe. The cashier was trying to break off a phone conversation that she was having. “Look, I’ve GOT to go. There’s a customer waiting AND, I’m gonna throw up!” I dawdled around for a while, but nothing happened. 😦


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