Up Skirt Special Edition: My Puking Video Day 43


Do you like looking up skirts and do you like stuffed bellies?

Oh my goodness! My belly was soooo full last night! I was bloated with chicken and potato stew, peas, tangy cheese Doritos, chocolate and bread amongst other junk.

So, to arouse myself, I decided to get rid of it all into a bowl. Just to remind everyone that as of tomorrow, I will be withdrawing my post “Puking over a fellow Emetophile” from sale as this not part of my blog sequence. This is currently my favourite camera angle where you can see right up my behind whilst I’m puking:-

This vomiting video was made especially for those with a puking and up skirt fetish. You know who you are!

And then we have some side puking shots so people can see my belly movements and me rubbing my belly to help the Luke come up:-

Plus a close up to get some cleavage in:-

And finally another shot with the side of my behind on full display:-

And I then proceed to play with it and explain what each element is:-
 This specific example is biscuit, but you can see some peas and tangy cheese doritos in that shot too! This video is very steamy and sexy, especially with full on closeups of my behind. It is 11 minutes 32 seconds long. I have had a pricing restructure where the purchase price is now £9.99, and the 30 day rental price is £5.99.

Feel free to visit my twitter page and my instagram account, and don’t forget to add me as a facebook friend. Youtube has banned my videos so I don’t really have much on youtube anymore. 

Sending pukey love and kisses to you all,

Jessica x

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