My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 45

Hello everybody

A couple of years ago, I thought it would be a turn on to vomit in my garage, with a risk of getting caught adding to the sexiness of the situation.  I was trying to purge into water bottles in my garage, but I didn’t have any tissues at had, so I ended up having to use socks to clean up the sexy mess.  It turned into a bit of a nightmare because it’s near impossible to puke into water bottles! Not to mention, the door inside my house to my garage locks on the inside, so anyone could’ve walked in. It was a bit of fun but the mess was unbelievable!

Today is a totally different video from usual.  It may not be everybody’s taste, as it is not quite as sexy as my last few videos, but I have used a new editing technique.

Basically this puking video takes you through a story – the story of my belly getting emptied and how it looks throughout the process.

So the vid starts with my stuffed belly as usual, then it cuts to close ups of the side of my mouth and face as my puke comes out.  I tried to make it a quick, sharp, action type movie where you just see the vomit come out really quickly in my living room.
emetophilia emetophile projectile vomiting puking sexy puke breasts
The camera then cuts back to how my belly is looking at that particular stage of my puking process.  You can gradually see my belly empty as my puke bowl gets fuller and fuller.

emetophilia emetophile projectile vomiting puking sexy puke on floor
The vomit in this video is very intense and nice and thick.  It is a video of my mouth close ups and my belly throughout.


Towards the end, I have some great playing action with the vomit, where I label all of the food pieces I am picking out, including mushroom pie and egg whites! This video is 5 minutes long, and due to it being taimer and for the fainter hearted, it costs £5.99 to own, and £1.99 for a 30 day rental.

Feel free to visit my twitter page and my instagram account, and don’t forget to add me as a facebook friend. Youtube has banned my videos so I don’t really have much on youtube anymore. 

Sending pukey love and kisses to you all,

Jessica x

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