My Vomiting Puke Jornal: Day 46 Puking down myself and on the floor while kneeling

Hello everyone!!

It’s almost Christmas!! Only 10- days left! I’m going on holiday for the whole Christmas and new year period, so I’m hoping to still be able to film my Vomiting puke journal, although the bathroom and whole setup will be totally different.

Today’s video contains lots of projectile vomiting with me kneeling on the floor and puking down myself.

I had a chicken and potato dinner (you can clearly see huge chunks of chicken in my Vom plus plenty of snacks:-

Yes, I ate all of that and LOADS more. In fact I decided to go dark chocolatey, so although my puke starts off light brown, it turns dark brown further along the video. This is to do with gravity. The dark chocolate is heavy and so it sinks down to the bottom of my stomach, and therefore comes up last. Some sexy puking action:-

 So the vid starts off with vomit catapulting out of me, as above. I try as best as I can to puke down my breasts and stomach, whilst rubbing my belly with my spare hand:-

The camera angles move around quite a lot to you get to see lots of different angles. The camera then moves onto my belly puking movements (after surveying my pukey mess on the floor):-

The we move back to me kneeling, and this time I’m puking on the floor (note the change in colour of my vomit):-

As you can see, this is totally different to my last video, day 45 and more similar to day 44, which proved very popular with everybody. This video is very hot and sexy with loads of puking action, and is 9 minutes 51 seconds long.

Don’t forget to follow me on my twitter page and my instagram account – I follow back! Also add me as a facebook friend. Youtube has banned my videos so I don’t really have much on youtube anymore. 

Love from

Jessica x

4 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Jornal: Day 46 Puking down myself and on the floor while kneeling

  1. Hello Jessica,

    Day 46 is fantastic, the logical suite of day 44. It’s very impressionnant the power of you’r vomit projectiles at the beginning, they where catapulted at 2 meters of you’r stomach it’s so sexy, i hope really you continue this scenario where you are kneeling on the floor of you’r bath shower, i know it’s more difficult for you to cleaning after but Day 44 and Day 46 are the best vomit emetophiles videos that we can see in the World, you’r unique, a real puke queen, continue this scenarios with kneeling and vomit like in the “exorcist” very far. If you want let me a private message in you’r personal webside, i have for this new concept a lot of ideas for you!

    Much love,
    Kisses on you’r stuffed belly,

    Mélanie g


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