My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 48 Projectile Vomiting & Whole Face


As we are getting so much nearer Christmas, I have a special treat for you. In this video, at the beginning, I reveal my whole face! And as I succome to my first explosive pukes, you can really see how nauseous I look!! And how red I get from the retching!

I ate daphinoise potatoes (layered potatoes with cream). The skin of the cream burnt a bit but I still ate it all:-

I also ate chicken (coq du vin) and lots more. I want to draw your attention to the potatoes though as you see loads of the burnt bits of skin in my puke later.
And this was me after eating:-

Yes, I was totally stuffed!  So stuffed that I have to start off the vid caressing my stuffed belly. I then proceed to projectile vomit:-

Ah yes, allowing some to fall down myself:-

As well as some puking on the floor:-

And some belly-covered vomit movements:-

I then play with my puke a bit (note the burnt bits of cream from the potato dish):-

And you see me cleaning up:-

This is kermit doing an impression of me:

All this can be yours for £12.99 for a 30 day rental or £19.99 for a lifetime purchase. The price is slightly higher because of exposing my whole face (something I’ve never done before). The whole video is 13 minutes in length and includes lots of sexiness and slippering about in puke.

Don’t forget to follow me on my twitter page and my instagram account – I follow back! Also add me as a facebook friend. Youtube has banned my videos so I don’t really have much on youtube anymore. 
With Christmassy love,
Jessica x

7 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 48 Projectile Vomiting & Whole Face

  1. Hello Jessica,

    I make you a private message in answer to you, this Day is 47A or 48? Tell me please. You’r videos are more and more fantastic with this new concept in you’r shower bathtub, continue!

    Much love,

    Mélanie g


  2. Hello Jessica!

    I discovered your website a couple of days ago. So far i’ve only looked at your pics,
    I just love them: thick, chunky, gooey vomit which also has a very nice colour…great!
    (just a bit of a concern…for you: you seem to be so dedicated an emetophile that you throw up every day or almost. your health? but well you’re a big girl you know what you are doing)

    So your pics are great, I only miss the smell… and the motion. Nothing can be done for the first, but for the latter, I think of buying a vid or two some time. But here is my concern, you may think it stupid, but here it is: whatever means of payment i choose, Paypal or Credit Card, I am not ready at all to reveal my true name. Will you have access to it?

    Vomitly yours,
    John Upwave


    1. Hello John!
      Thank you for your lovely message. So glad you appreciate my work 😀
      No, I do not have access to peoples’ real names or any other details.
      Thanks for your concern for my health – but I don’t do it everyday and I look after myself.
      Much pukey love
      Jessica x


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