My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 48 Projectile Vom

Hello everyone

Last night I had some sexy hot puking fuuuuuun with forceful projectile vomiting, reaching 1.4m distance:-

Last night was nut night. Eating nuts makes my puke very thick and the peanuts all conglomerate as one in my stomach, and then they come back up really thick, like peanut butter. So I ate a whole bag of cashews and peanuts. This is what I looked like:-

And then, I ate an avocado and fish salad:-

I really love seeing lettuce, avocado and tomato skins in my puke, and I was not disappointed! I puked up all over the floor in the shower, and I show the camera a big bit of avocado, some tomato skin and some lettuce. In this shot, you can see a piece of avocado, and also the nuts like some thick paste inbetween my fingers:-

So in today’s vomiting video, I puke loads on the floor after my projectiles cease:-

And also I give the vomit a good inspection with the camera, play with it, and then I give my feet a little puke bath afterwards:-

There are is no stomach action in this puke video (sorry to disappoint), and this vid is shorter than usual so I have lowered today’s pukey price to £7.99 for a 30 day rental, and £15.99 for a lifetime purchase.

So much pukey love to you all and all the best this Christmas Eve 2015.

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All my love,

Jessica x


6 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 48 Projectile Vom

  1. I really like this fetish. I really want to watch your video. But I live in Ukraine and for me it is very expensive to buy your video. Very sorry.


    1. Thank you so much for your supportive message. I’m sorry you can’t afford my puke videos 😢 Sometimes I do bring the price right down so that everyone can buy them. For example, day 32 is only £1.99. Much love and Christmassy pukey best wishes, Jessica 😘😘


  2. Really wishing the site had https. Haven’t used paypal in ages but will have to look into it, gotta fund that food right? I followed your Twitter.


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