My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 50 Red Grapes and Kiwis


Hello Emetophiles

So what is vomiting like for me?  What do I feel when I puke?  (I have been asked this question recently).

Well, puking is akin to having an orgasm; I feel that tense rush of sexiness and intense feelings that flow through my body.  After this rush, you’ll notice me rest for a few seconds, as let my body calm down as I feel the warmth and calmness through my body.  When I have an orgasm during sex, the feelings are more intense, but I need a penis inside me to achieve this, and a handy erect penis is not usually to hand (dagnamit!)  So to reach a similar feeling when I’m on my own, I vomit.

And of course, as you all know, now I film myself so you can all enjoy my experience.  Yesterday I had a dinner of salmon, lettuce, mango, chill and avocado, although the avocado seems to be hiding from this pic:-

After this, I ate a ton of red grapes.  When I say ‘a ton’, I mean two large punnets, and also I ate about 5 kiwis, plus loads more like usual.  And this made for another very sexy puke video!

As always, todays puke video starts with me touching my hot sexy stuffed pregnant looking belly in a very sexual and teasing way.  I then go for the heavy projectile puking, and what a surprise – in this video I have three new camera angles.

In the very first scenes you see the action from above me, with the camera behind me. Not only do I give you a new camera view, I also give totally new content in the vomit…in the first 30 seconds the grapes literately go flying! They leave a path of solid chunks all the way from me up to the wall.  It is amazing and is fabulous to watch! Also great seeing a new soild content in my vomit!

Then you get two other new camera views including to the side and infront of me.

At the end I explain everything on the floor in my usual funny way! And end it all with a foot bath. This is one of the very best vids from me and will get you going as hard as a rock again! The projectile vomiting is soooo powerful and it makes people go insane!  It is 11 minutes 47 seconds long and is £9.99 to rent for 30 days.

With lots of vomit love to you all.

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All my love
Jessica x


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