My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 52 Mega Sexy Puking LOW PRICE

Hello my lovely people,

Today I have lowered my pukey prices as a goodwill gesture to start the new year! This 15 minute video is only £5.99!

How were your Christmasses and New Years celebrations? I’d love to hear about what you’ve all been up to.  This is a representation of what I’ve been up to over the holidays…my before and after belly shots:-

Yes, you’ve guessed it…I’ve been stuffing!

Today’s blog post has a lovely and true vomit story (it’s not mine but the experience belongs to a good friend of mine):

Even as I prepared for school on that warm morning all those years ago, I knew something wasn’t right. I was feeling rather shaky and after breakfast there was a strange heavy feeling in my stomach that definitely shouldn’t have been there.

As I hated school at the time, my mum naturally thought it was all a ruse to get out of going, so she got me ready and gave me some milk to try to pacify me. I liked milk at the time (I still do now) so I drank it, but this turned out to be a fatal error.

I headed into school under protest, my mum seeing me off with the traditional “you’ll be fine, see how you go” line that they all use, and I went in for my first class. I hated school anyway back then, but this was one morning more than any other that I didn’t want to be there. My stomach just would not settle down, and I felt decidedly fluey as I tried to get on with my work.

By mid-morning we had finished our first piece of work, and we all got our folders out of their trays at the side of the room to file our work away. As I was about to slide my sheet of paper into a plastic wallet, it happened.

The heaviness which had been present in my stomach all morning suddenly shifted, the milk curdling as my insides began to churn, and I felt my breakfast start to make its way back up my throat. I quickly looked across and spotted the sink in the corner of the classroom, and knew I had to make a dash for it.

I abandoned my work, pushed my chair backwards and began to run, feeling the milk and breakfast making its way back up as I did so. I hoped that I would make it to the sink in time, but as I went round the back of the seats and got half way down the side of the room, I could hold it down no longer and brought up a large gush of milk and bile onto the classroom carpet. Ignoring this as I knew there was more to come, I continued to rush towards the sink, and once there leaned forward and gave two or three fairly big retches to bring up similar mainly liquid sick, before retching up a white lump of curdled milk and breakfast cereal which I spat into the sink.

A few people said something from behind me and the teacher made her way to check on me, but I simply stood facing the sink, feeling hot and a little embarrassed. My insides ached from the strain of being sick, and I didn’t dare look back to see what I had brought up on the floor.

I vaguely remember the teacher calling our medical assistant (we didn’t have a “school nurse” then) and being led out of the room still feeling sick, while someone else came in to clean the carpet. I then sat in the medical room with a bin in front of me while she went to phone my mum, but there was no danger of me being sick again as there was nothing left inside me to bring up. Soon after my mum collected me and took me home, possibly regretting sending me to school and certainly regretting giving me milk.

Once home I was placed on the sofa with a bucket beside me, but although the bug I’d picked up made me feel sick and shaky for the rest of the day, I wasn’t sick again and I improved for the next day.

(NB: This is all from memory, but took place around 18 years ago so is quite sketchy.)

I just love this story because it takes me back to being in primary school and feeling ill, and getting the day off school…RESULT!

So last night, Dinner was daphenoise potatoes and chicken thighs slowly cooked in white wine sauce:-

Note the burnt cream which is the skin. This turns up later on 😉😉

Today’s video release has another great repetoire similar to the last one! The start of this one is even greater with the video starting with me having a very sexy and teasing talk about all I’ve eaten while you see my totally stuffed belly, first underneath a tight top, then bare. This makes it very teasing! Then we go forward to the best part… Frontal view of the projectile vomit!

This is sexy as usual! But the film is shot in such a way that the beginning puke eruptions give the impression that you, the audience are about to be showered in my puke:-

It’s amazing to see how my whole body rockets forward as the stream powerfully erupts out of me. My sexy vomit has a great aspect as always. It’s totally amazing and sooo exciting watching all this good action! You get an all round view as you also get to see it from above:

You also get to see how my belly works as I puke, as well as a side close up of my continuous vomiting:-

 Then, the texture of the vomit totally changes – it’s great watching such a big difference in the same video! The film ends with me talking you through the vomit, explaining what the individual food pieces are. This video is 14 minutes 56 seconds long and is £5.99 to rent for 30 days, or £12.99 for a lifetime purchase.

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Lots of love
Jessica x

2 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 52 Mega Sexy Puking LOW PRICE

  1. Hello Jessica,

    Day 52 always fantastic, you’r definitively the puking queen of the World and you can still progress in 2016. I send to you a private message, another idea…

    Much love and kisses on you’r stuffed belly,



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