My Vomiting Puke Journal: Projectile Puking Day 53

So last night I thought I would really spoil myself and make the most delicious dinner ever…homemade, huge and containing 8 (yes, eight) eggs…which resulted in my face looking like this:-

The result of said feat was this delicious mushroom and onion Spanish tortilla:-

This  was absolutely yum! Of course I couldn’t just leave it at that; I had to stuff my face with lots more including delicious chocolate and lots of other snacks, which in turn resulted in this:-

Which became this:-

And this:-

Ah, yes, and also this…where it looks like I’m puking on you;-

There is loads of sexy puking sounds and hot puke close ups in this video:-

I show you lots of nice closeups of my Vom and introduce you to all the different bits of food in it I can distinguish…including lots of egg !!

  There are also lots of close ups of my belly as I’m puking with plenty of reaching and burping. The video ends with me cleaning up and also it shows the aspect of my tummy afterwards, so you can see the difference in size. But be careful! This video is really really hot and sexy. If you would like to see all of the above in action, please purchase this video; £9.99 for 30 days or £15.99 for a lifetime purchase.

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Love from Jessica x

One thought on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Projectile Puking Day 53

  1. Hi, Jess! Hope that 2016 is treating you well. You’ve told me that you don’t enjoy being sick naturally. So, I’m just wondering, when you’re facing the inevitable, do you put up a fight or do you bring out the trusty toothbrush? Salutations from me and Junior!


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