My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 54 Foot Fetish Special


How is everyone out there?

I’m back from my holiday accommodation so you will notice I’ve gone back to my usual bathroom.

I have also been kicked off Instagram for being inappropriate (story of my life!) so I now have a new Instagram account: @bellystuffinggirl

Don’t forget to add me as I have lost all of my contacts.

My dinner last night was chicken nuggets, homemade chips and beans:- 

And guess whaaaaaat?! Yup I turn all that food (plus some more into this:-

Check out the tiny bit of blood in my puke!  But before that, I got caught bingeing in my kitchen and I was like:-

Also I need to apologise to my fan who bought me the 2 carat diamond earrings for Christmas as he quite rightly spotted that I wasn’t wearing them in day 53.  Have no fear; I’m wearing them in today’s video! Here is the lovely gift again:-

So today’s sexy puke video shows me in my black bikini puking. The video starts with the very sexy touching of my totally stuffed tummy – the great start you all know this well by now! Then it’s time for the great show to start…I am kneeling and erupting into great streams of projectile vomiting while my free hand holds onto my belly.

And also you get a birds eye view; a new camera angle:-


This is how you see me vomit from the side. There’s some very nice chunky vomit soon, making a big lovely pile on the floor. Then you get some nice close up belly filming. Seeing my belly, way smaller than at the beginning of the show. Then after some minutes you go back to seeing the lovely puking action again. It’s amazing seeing how that ocean of vomit gets bigger and bigger! It really seems impossible for such a small girl like me to hold that much inside of me! 

After all this, I make you jealous of the foot bath i have. It was the best footbath ever!


 Also got some bonus material at the end, of the lovely clean up! This sexy puking video is 13 minutes 32 seconds long. It comes at a reduced price of £7.99!

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Lots of Love

Jessica x

One thought on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 54 Foot Fetish Special

  1. oh wow. lovely foot fetish stuff. i admire your skills in the vomiting art! would you be open to do a video catering to the spandex lovers fetish? maybe one where the vomit is running down your fron, while you are wearing tight clothes (e.g. leggings or yoga pants) and a tight top, maybe even a full long catsuit – i can only dream of how awesome that would look!


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