My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 55 Aiming at a Target

Hello to all my darling fellow emetophiles out there

So for today’s sexy puking video, I decided to aim for a target…my old bowl that I used to puke into!

As part of the puking process, I start by having to fill up my belly…check out my dinner! I had lots of pork belly, mashed potato and peas!!

And here is a before and after shot of my belly:-

So today’s video has a longer start to it where I talk you through the whole afternoon and evening foodwise…whilst showing you my stuffed belly.  I tell you lots of what I had eaten, and talk about how much pleasure my stufed belly gives me.  It’s an especially long intro, in which I’m wearing this sexy underwear and playing with my belly button.

Then the video moves on to some absolutely stunning projectile vomiting where I’m kneeling in my shower but having some target practice, aiming for my glass bowl!

Check out this magnificent action:-

My vomit is a lovely brown colour and really shoots out of my mouth:-

My puke is so chunky and vomitish! And it’s amazing seeing how it changes colour, from the dark brown to the almost whitish color! As always it’s very powerful and comes out in big big loads!

Then we get a whole lot of nice close tummy filming while I’m emptying it non-stop, with lots of sexy burping and puke noises.  The video ends with me playing with the puke a bit, talking about it, and then trying to scoop it up and put it into my original goal; the bowl.

Very nice seeing how chunky it is! To say it in a few words, this is another amazing video, and I have been called the goddess of puke on many occassions buy lots of different people. Go on! Treat yourself! Buy this delicious and sexy puking video.

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Much Love

Jessica x


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