My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 56 Puking peanuts and Slapping Vomit

Hello everybody!

I hope January is treating you all well.  So far it’s been cold but nice and fresh.  I’ve been puking a bit less lately because my bathroom has been so cold.

Last night I didn’t eat dinner per se, I just had loads of peanuts,  snacks, cakes, chocolates and biscuits, including these bad boys:-

YUM!  They are egg-based portuguese cakes and are soft and delicious – great for puking.

Today’s sexy puking video involved me eating a whole large bag of peanuts.  For all those emetophile pukers out there, you may know that peanuts are not the best thing to puke – they conglomerate and form as one inside the stomach and make projectile vomiting difficult.  In today’s video, you’ll see me puking almost solid bits of peanuts as I cough and splutter!

The video starts off with a rather long intro of me in a sexy bikini. This time you get a kinda new view of my totally stuffed belly from an upward angle with my face in shot.  You won’t believe how full I actually am!


Then we go to the great puking you all know so well! I aim for my glass bowl.


After an easy start I really projectile puke forcefully on the second go – hitting the target.


As always very vomitish vomit; with the peanuts making it light brown and extra thick. I really have got some amazing streams in this video and soooo thick. Truly Very different from any previous video.


After some minutes of this very hardcore vomiting I have another great surprise for you. A new angle. The camera shows my hips while you see the pool and my waterfall of vomit from around ground zero! And then yet another new angle right up close:-


As always I film my tummy while vomiting toward the end – this needs no more explanation! And the great end you all know so well – I play with my delicious Vom and slap it around a bit. My very best video for a long time!


This is 12 minutes long and costs £9.99 to rent for 30 days or £14.99 to buy:

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Love to you all

Jessica x

3 thoughts on “My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 56 Puking peanuts and Slapping Vomit

  1. Hi, Jessica

    Well, it looks as if we’ve been shot down on all fronts. The remaining groups are closed, including, as I’m sure you’re aware, your own. I’ve posted on emetology, about us gathering and regrouping there. Please let everybody you’re in touch with know about the site, so we can figure out our next move. Norm


    1. Hi Norm,
      How are you? I had no idea about all the sites being closed! Do you know why?
      Yes I’m more than happy to tell people about the emetology site. Thanks so much for letting me know.
      Take care and much love
      Jessica x


      1. Hi, Jessica

        Well, except for this, I’m doing well. All I can surmise is that some joker didn’t like what we were doing and squealed on us to the admins. Argento says that he did not close his own group, and doesn’t know what happened, so that’s what it sounds like to me. For this reason, it’s probably pointless to start another socialparody forum. We need to go someplace else. Damn, I hate the idea of losing touch with all the friends I’ve made on these boards, over the years. It’s possible to find emet material here and there on the net, but I really enjoy the sense of community that we have, when things are going well.

        Take care, my friend,



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